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How A Smart Office Can Improve Your Productivity

Productivity in the office comes down to a great many factors, first there is the training, the team which has been assembled, the capability and the leadership within the workplace. One area that many often look past however, especially when it comes to increasing productivity and overall happiness of the workforce, is the design itself of the office and in particular, which type of office furniture you decide on equipping the office with.

Re-energizing your workspace can be done with ease, you simply need to have a creative design and you can even order next day office furniture which could see you revolutionize your office in no time at all. If you have fallen foul of this often overlooked area of your office, here are some reasons why it is vitally important that you look again at how you have assembled your office, and what you have put in it.

Feng Shui Effect

Whilst you don’t necessarily need to bring in a feng shui professional to ensure that your office is designed in a way that can bring positive energy to the workspace, there is much that can be learned from this ancient method of using space and color. The idea is to make your staff feel comfortable in the workplace and you should be encouraging plenty of natural light and air so that they feel relaxed in their job and ready to work to their best.


Herding your staff as though they were farmyard animals will not help you to create a positive and hard working community environment in your office. Instead you should look to create and inclusive workspace using things like low-level partitions and glass screens. The idea of a team is that it can work together and while there is nothing wrong with sectioning off departments, you should do so in a way that still creates togetherness in the office.


If you want to increase productivity, you need to ensure that your staff’s lives are made as easy as possible, and sensible design can help you do this. Things like putting the copier room in the center of the office so that it is easily reachable, ensuring that there are power sockets in convenient locations and placing departments next to each other which often work together makes a great deal of sense and can help minimize wasted time and ultimately increase productivity.


If your staff are sitting on uncomfortable chairs, if they have broken equipment or desks which are too small for them, they are not going to be happy in their job and by nature, they won’t work to the best of their ability. In order to avoid this you must equip your office space with fit-for-purpose furniture that leads to your staff feeling comfortable in their day-to-day life. Small changes will make a big difference and through the purchase of some new furniture, you can revolutionize how your staff feel when they are at work and how productive they are.