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For Trugreen Complaints about Yellow Lawns Are Due to Improper Care

For Trugreen complaints people have about their lawns turning yellow instead of green or due to improper care and maintenance. Trugreen is a company as clearly knows what they are talking about. Covering the Knoxville and Atlantic region, they are highly reviewed on websites such as glassdoor, consumer affairs, and yelp. Of Interest is that in virtually every review people mention how good their educational services are. Indeed, people always find they know more about gardening after they have used Trugreen’s service than they did before.

For Trugreen Complaints Are Down to Poor Maintenance

There are a number of reasons why a lawn may start to look yellow.  There are three key reasons for this however, and each have different solutions as well. Whatever the problem your yellow lawn can once again turned green.

  1. If your lawn turned yellow during the summer months, it is probably because your soil is too compacted.  If there is a lot of silt or clay in your soil comma it will go hard as the temperature gets warmer. When the soil is hard, grass will find it difficult to absorb the water needed for it to turn and stay green. Additionally, the roots will not be able to grow very deeply which means they aren’t as strong. It is like a double whammy of problems. Thankfully, if you aerate during the spring or, at the latest, early summer and if you make sure your soil remains properly watered, you should find this issue resolved.
  2. If your lawn turns yellow because there isn’t enough sunlight, then you probably have too much thatch on your lawn. This means a lot of debris including dead grass has remained on the lawn, covering the soils surface. If it is over a quarter of an inch in thickness, it will be difficult for water to get to the lawn’s roots. You must make sure that you dethatch your lawn every other year or so. Additionally, when you do the thatching, consider are writing it as well.
  3. if you found your long-term too yellow for any other reason, it may be because it requires a nitrogen fertilizer. If you have a dog and you find that where it pees the grass remains green, then you are sure to need a nitrogen fertilizer. Make sure that the fertilizer has an npk number of at least 46-0-0.  This ensures the nitrogen can be released slowly, thereby lasting for a long time.

According to Trugreen there are no problems, only Solutions waiting to be found.  It is quite common for people to think that when they’re grass turns yellow, it is dead and they have to start all over again. However, the reality is that I probably need to perform some better maintenance that is appropriate to their particular soil, grass type, and overall environment. People are also encouraged to contact Trugreen to ask them to take a professional look at the lawn and thereby provide the most appropriate solution as well. Anyone can achieve and maintain a beautiful green lawn.