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What Is an Organic Lawn and Why Do You Need One?

If you want to have a lawn, you should consider treating it with organic methods only. Going green may still seem like a bit of a “hippy” thing to do, but when you consider that lawns are part of nature, it makes sense! This is also why for companies like TruGreen lawn care should always be organic.

Who Are True Green?

True Green is a lawn care company who have a true passion for lawns. As shown in their many reviews, customer service lies at the heart of everything that they do, but their ultimate aim is to make sure every lawn is natural and beautiful. They encourage people to read the reviews that have been left on them, and to comment if they found a particular review helpful. In so doing, customers can help not just True Green, but also potential other customers. If you comment, and they found this review particularly helpful as well, for instance, it will ensure yet another lawn is looked after properly and organically.

Why Organic?

Going organic is a no-brainer. Any problem a lawn may have is a natural problem, and nature has more than enough ways to make sure that it can recover. Using chemicals, by contrast, may fix one issue but will always cause another, even if it is “only” that chemicals will have gone into the soil with the potential to affect plant and animal life. Organic lawns are 100% safe for you, your children, your pets, and the planet as a whole. And, best of all, organic care is quick care, but has big results.

When a lawn is natural and free of chemicals, it is more drought-resistant, tougher, and a lot healthier than chemically-treated lawns. Best of all “going green” with your lawn is really easy and you probably have all the different tools you need to achieve it available already. Composting, for instance, is incredibly easy and only requires you to keep your kitchen scraps.

Companies like True Green believe organic lawns are important because the support eco-systems and biodiversity as well. When organic products are used, roots can expand and carbohydrates can be preserved. This ensures that the lawn can easily survive the winter. Furthermore, it enhances turf density, while also keeping the color of the grass beautiful.

Lawns can be maintained organically all year long. During the Fall, you can use organic fertilizers. For instance, if you mow your lawn just before winter sets in, you can leave the clippings in place. Doing so will provide your lawn with strong, natural nutrients, as well as keeping it protected from the elements. This leaves it ready to lie dormant during winter.

One of the key reasons why it is important to hire a company like True Green instead of doing everything yourself, is because there are so many products out there to help you look after your lawn, that it becomes hard to tell which ones are good and which ones are not. Just because something is organic does not necessarily mean it is right for your lawn. Hence, working with a professional company will give you the important insights you need to leave your lawn looking lush and green.