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Why You Should Seriously Consider a Serviced Office for Your Next Relocation


One of the biggest expenses that most businesses have to manage is rent. Leasing a secure, comfortable workspace that has access to everything needed to run an efficient, high performing company is no mean feat. It can be extremely expensive and there is rarely a guarantee of reliability or quality.

Imagine, for instance, that you pay handsomely for a prestigious corporate address. Your clients are impressed and you now have a suitable place to work out of. Yet, this is only the bare minimum of requirements. There are phone lines, internet costs, cleaning fees, IT software, and much more to think about. If they’re not all maintained, the operation crumbles.

The problem is that leasing the bare minimum – an empty office or workspace – means that company owners have to learn how to become their own IT experts, cleaners, and receptionists. This takes the focus away from running the company and it means that facilities are rarely utilised to their full potential. With a managed workspace, like a Servcorp serviced office, these responsibilities are taken care of by a dedicated provider, so that you can concentrate on growing and expanding.

This guide to the benefits of a choosing a serviced office will help you decide if a managed facility is the next best step for your business.

Increased Flexibility and Short Term Contracts

One of the biggest struggles for businesses, particularly startups and smaller ventures, is finding a facility that doesn’t require a 2-5 year commitment. This is standard for the market and many conventional office leases in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne lock tenants into this kind of long term contract. It can be a real disadvantage, however, because it’s difficult for any company to predict exactly where they’ll be in five years.

The vast majority are looking to grow and take on more customers, more clients, and more investors, so their needs upon starting out simply aren’t going to be the same in the future. So, a long-term lease can end up becoming a weight around the neck of a young company. This is why serviced workspaces are increasing in popularity. They give companies the chance to pay for managed offices, on a month by month basis. There is no lock-in contract, so you can choose to up or downsize at any time.

Access to ‘Pay as You Need’ Resources

Similarly, with a serviced office you get the freedom to access resources as and when (or if) you need them. This is a great way to save money and keep costs low by minimising waste. For startups, profit margins tend to be extremely narrow and a lot of money is needlessly spent on workspace packages bursting with unnecessary extras. For example, why pay for access to boardroom facilities if you don’t need them right now?

With a serviced facility, you could simply add this feature to your agreement if a dedicated meeting space does eventually become a requirement. It is a much more organic and flexible way to operate. If meeting with clients onsite isn’t a top priority, but being constantly available to them is, spend more money on receptionist services. If you mostly communicate online, invest more heavily in broadband services and IT solutions.

The Chance to Hit the Ground Running

It is tough to set up a new business. Just the fact that so much money has to be invested, in order to start making any money at all, is a hard lesson. What serviced offices provide is the option to spread this investment over a more manageable period. So, instead of trying to take off with nothing, you can pay to access resources and services that are fully prepared and ready to be used. Plus, there’s no fear of unexpected downtime, because all services are maintained and managed by a dedicated team of onsite experts.

If all that weren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some very eminent serviced office locations throughout Australia. Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, or Wollongong, there’s an address out there for you. Quite aside from the multitude of resources on offer, serviced workspaces are highly sought after because they offer prestige. If you work from a powerful address, clients and investors will assume that it’s because you are.