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How to Set Up a Chroma Key Effect for Your Video with Movavi Video Editor

Chroma key video is a video that is shoot with the green color as your background. The reason why people shoot Chroma key video is that the solid bright green color makes it easy for them to replace with another more attractive background image in their photo editors. It is expensive to set up a chroma key background when you want to shoot a video.

To save money, you can use an affordable and effective video editor software like Movavi Video Editor to create the chroma key effect for your video. Movavi runs a 7 days trial for the program. You can download the program at their site to try it for free. The software features a large timeline area for you to work on the video. It is easy to use the green screen editor to add the chroma key effect.

On their site, they provide a detailed written and video tutorial. Firstly, you must download and install the software. When it is launched, you must open the foreground video which is the video that you want to set up the chroma key effect. You also have to open the background video which is the backdrop that will be play at the background.

The video can be opened by clicking on the Add Media Files button and selecting the video file.When the two videos are opened, you must drag the foreground video to the overlay track. The overlay track is just above the video track in the timeline. Next, you must go to Tools by clicking the gearwheel button. In the Tools, you are to select the Chroma Key option.

Your cursor will have a round bright yellow highlighter around it. You are to click in the square box labeled as pick a color to make transparent. This will select the foreground video. You can then hover the yellow cursor to the foreground video and click on its background.

When clicked, the color of the background will be shown in the. After the desired backdrop is set up,you can play back the video and see if you are satisfied with it. Now, you can adjust the tolerance and noise sliders. Dragging the tolerance slider around can slightly change the coloration in the video and make it look more professional. Dragging the Noise slider to the left can reduce the noises playing the background of the video. In this way, the audience can hear the actual audio of the video clearly.

You can adjust the size of the foreground to bigger or smaller by dragging the corner. When you are done, you can click the Apply button. Clicking the Apply button will save the changes you have just made.

If there are other changes you want to make, you can do so before clicking on the Export button to save the video. It is important to always save a copy of the original video as a backup. In case you make a mistake, you can always upload the original video into the software and work on the chroma key video again.