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Items You Need When Landing in a New Country

Landing in a new country is full of excitement, especially if you are planning on touring around for a little bit to embrace the culture and way of life of your chosen destination. Once you first arrive, it is important to get yourself prepared for the experience of staying in a new country and there are some important things which you need to do within the first few days of your stay. To help you out when you next land somewhere different, here are a few important things which you will need to find.


Sim Card

Although the internet has brought with it the opportunity to connect with anyone from around the World from your cellphone using just an internet connection, picking up a sim card will still be a great help to you in your new country. I was recently in Tel-Aviv and picked up an Israeli sim card as soon as I arrived, this helped me not only to give my AirBnb host a call but also meant that I was able to utilize the mobile data to keep in touch with my friends and family back home when I was without wi-fi. Wherever you are planning on going to then I would recommend that you pick up a local sim card at your earliest opportunity.

Plug Adaptor

If you haven’t already planned ahead and picked up a plug adaptor which is compliant with the sockets of your new country then picking one up at the airport is our recommendation. Being without the opportunity to charge your phone, tablet or laptop could cause you all sorts of problems and it is worth avoiding this possibility altogether and picking up and adaptor as soon as possible. A great option for you if you are planning on heading to several different countries is to pick up a worldwide adaptor that you can use in almost every country on Earth, these adaptors have mechanisms which you can alter depending on what country you are in.


Obviously the most important thing which you will need in a new country is going to be cash and the first place you should head to is the ATM in airport. Once you have arrived in your accommodation then you should make it your mission to find out where the nearest cashpoint is so that you won’t have to spend hours searching around for a place to take cash out. It goes without saying that you should not take out a large amount of cash at one time as that leaves you open to risk. Finding an ATM near you will mean that you can take cash out little and often which will not only help to minimize risk but also mean that you can grab some cash whenever you need to.

These are just a few of the things that you need to be looking for once you land in your new country to ensure that you are fully prepared and ready for your adventure ahead.