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4 Ways That Meetings on Camera Save Time


In the fast paced, multi-tasking culture of the Information Age, the adage that relates that time is money is more apt than ever. With every new business opportunity available in today’s world wide professional marketplace, there’s a need to be as efficient as possible. Enter the video chat. Once the kind of advanced communication only used in sci-fi television shows, many people carry around the hardware and software necessary to talk face to face with people around the world in their pockets. And savvy professionals and business owners are taking advantage of this affordable, accessible technology to transform their small and local enterprise into a global phenomenon. Here’s how you can, too.

Interview Potential Employees from the Comfort of Home

Travel, while often fun, can be a major time sink. Not only with the travel time itself, but with booking hotel rooms, making arrangements for family or pets, and recovering from the physical toll. And that’s not even counting the expense. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that the average cost-per-hire is a little over four thousand dollars in a recent survey. Often, these costs can be raised by travel reimbursement when prospective employees are flown out for face to face interviews. By using video chat, a prospective employee can see their interviewer and talk to them in real time without any of the stress, hassle or expense of travel. This can allow applicants from out of state to apply for jobs in their dream location, and allow employers to reach out to the perfect candidate in turn.

Reach Out to More Employees and Clients

The bigger the business, the harder it can be to get everyone into the same meeting room. That’s where video conferencing comes in. As many smart phones and laptops come with all the hardware needed for video chatting built in, such as webcams, microphones and speakers, more and more employees and clients can get in on the video conferencing game. This means, however, it can be difficult to get all those different devices to talk to each other in the same call. One of the key components of a good business video conferencing system is compatibility. Using software like BlueJeans not only allows the inclusion of up to three thousand attendees, but also allows different kinds of video chat software like FaceTime and Skype to peacefully coexist in the same conference call without spending hours calibrating all of the involved tech. Take advantage of the accessibility of this tech by making sure everyone is included the first time, rather than trying to catch up with them later.

Save Your Time and Focus by Saving the Whole Meeting

In their article on video conferencing etiquette, the Wall Street Journal warns against taking notes during the meeting, as the click of the keyboard can be distracting as well as conveying a lack of interest in the conversation. And while taking notes with pen and paper can minimize that particular audio disruption, with many video conferencing software programs it’s also possible to record meetings for later review. Some video chat clients allow the recording of the entire call, including everything shown on the screen such as PowerPoints and other visuals as well as the video feeds of the other participants. This can ensure that no vital details slip through the cracks, and that all present can be completely focused on the meeting at hand instead of dividing their time between recording the conversation and contributing to it.

Connect with your Audience by Using Visuals

The face to face connection cannot be downplayed. In a world that’s becoming increasingly impersonal, as machines take the place of cashiers and customer service representatives, seeing a real person can make a positive impact on how your message comes across. Using a video conferencing program during your meetings will allow more members and clients to feel connected to you, your company and your products. What’s more is that by being on camera, you can watch your audience while you speak or demonstrate, and be able to share files and spreadsheets to all participants during the call. You can effortlessly combine audio and visual to convey and share ideas in the most efficient way possible.
Part of being a global enterprise is having strong connections to other professionals around the world. This used to only be possible with long, exhausting, and expensive business trips which could sometimes cost more time than they saved. With the advent of the video chat, using cameras during your business calls can allow you to work more efficiently, accomplishing more work effectively in less time. Every call can get more things than ever before, by using the cutting edge hardware and software available to most of the professional world. Stay at the head of the pack by using this technology to streamline your professional life, and reap the benefits.