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5 Apps For Startup Business Success

Having a start up is incredibly difficult and with more than 50% of them failing within the first 3 years there is a great deal of pressure on your shoulders to succeed. Success in the beginnings should really be measured based on survival as opposed to profits or fame, that will come in the future. In order of you to achieve success in your primary years in operation it is important that you use everything at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. Technology can be used to help out with all sorts of different businesses and using applications in particular can significantly increase your chances of success, there are literally hundreds of apps on the market that can aid your start up and we have picked the top 5 for you to try out.

Google Analytics

Regardless of what business you are in it is crucial that you have an internet presence by way of a website at the very least. Google Analytics is an application that measures all traffic to your website, where it has come from both geographically and digitally, what people looked at and how long they spent on your site. Using tools such as analytics helps you to better understand your customers and how best you can target them with your products.


Evernote is a great application for you to use with you team, a shared digital space where you can share ideas, pieces of research, online trends and even create a library of contacts. The interface is beautiful and easy to use and you can access it from smartphones, tablets and computers. The time tracking option is a great way to measure productivity.


Tracking expenses on the go is made incredibly simple with expensebot, the application has an awesome feature where you simply need to take a snap of your receipt and the app will put the time, date and amount of money into the log. You can also us the app for distance, mileage and time tracking which is another excellent way to manage productivity.


To do lists are part and parcel of daily lives for start up owners and this handy app allows you to compile your list and tick off your objectives as you complete your list. The app gives you options to assign tasks to the rest of your team, prioritize tasks with color coding and you can use it in conjunction with Siri and the Apple Watch meaning you will always stay on top of what you need to do.


When it comes to tracking productivity, work flow and task completion, there are few better apps out there than Trello. The app makes sharing jobs amongst your team easy and tracks time spent on tasks and delivers incredibly detailed analytics around productivity levels. The app also operates as something as a notice board for you and your team so that you can view ideas and hand out tasks with ease. Trello can be used with your iWatch as well so that even if your on the go, you’ll never be too far away from your team’s movements.