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8 Questions to Help You Find the Right Video Conferencing Solution


Things can easily go awry when you’re using the wrong tools. If you think your organization is ready to use video calling technology, here are a few questions to help you pick the system’s that’s right for your team and organization:

What Will You Use it for?

Determine use of the system first. Do you need it to conduct large-scale lecture training sessions for onboarding employees? Or will you use it to communicate and get in touch with clients? Will your team members use it when they work together on joint projects? Do you have remote teams that will be better served when you use an online conferencing tool? Find out what your team is going to use the technology for. This way, you’ll have a better idea of the features and functions you’ll need, Cisco suggests.

What Does Your Team Need?

One way to find out which video calling solution hits the mark is to ask your team about the features and functions they need. Let them come up with a list of those features to help you narrow down your options and to guide your buying options accordingly. Instead of going on ahead and making decisions on your own, asking help from the rest of your team will ensure you have a more accurate view of what their needs are and what solutions will fit the bill.

Is it a Good Match for Your Network?

Not all networks can support video conferencing. You’ll need to have enough bandwidth to make that happen. That or you’ll need to upgrade to a network that could provide you with more bandwidth space. Make sure the system you choose will be a good match with your bandwidth space.

Do You Need to Look for Other Components?

If you already have laptops with built-in cameras, that’s going to be enough to get the job done. Pair it up with the best conferencing software you can find from a provider like BlueJeans and your team can take advantage of the many benefits video calling and conferencing bring to the table. In some cases, though, some companies go for a hybrid solution—it’s where you put together a mix of hardware and cloud solutions. This is ideal if you still have equipment you want to use but are already looking forward to switching to a fully cloud-based solution in the future. It’s a smart and practical way to transition from one system to another. You get to make optimum use of your existing system, hardware and components while making considerable headway with a solution that’s going to bring the quality of your communication to whole different level of functionality.

How Much is it?

Cost is another factor in the process. However, it’s not the only major one. For better results, it would be best to balance your desire to find a low-cost option with your need for a superior quality solution. When you browse through the many software and systems out there, don’t focus too much on the price that you’ll lose sight of service quality levels. Always keep quality in mind. That way, you won’t end up with a system that’s completely wrong for your needs. Also, cheaper options don’t work quite as well as top-of-the-line solutions. Grainy videos, for instance, will do more harm than good if you use that tool to communicate with your teams or clients. Cheaper options break down that much faster too. If you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of shelling out money for a premature replacement system, shop for the right system from the get-go. 

Is it Easy to Use?

A system that’s loaded with so many features isn’t going to be the right solution for your team, not if the interface is too complex or difficult to use. Your employees are much more likely to explore that video conferencing tool and master it when it’s easy and simple enough to use and understand. If that’s not the case, then you’ll want to keep looking until you find one that hits the mark.

Is it Mobile Friendly?

Given the exponential growth in mobile consumption over the last few years, it’s a safe bet that reaching out to your mobile audience is necessary. That’s why it’s a great idea to ensure you have a solid foothold in the consumer market by opting for technologies that allow you to make communication easy for mobile users. That’s something the right video calling software can do. By enabling anywhere, anytime access with the right tools, you can reach out to your market and team any time, from any device, says the Business News Daily.

Is it Collaborative?

While plenty of video technology solutions are available out there, not all of them can provide you with collaborative-ready features that allow for content and screen sharing along with HD clarity. Look for those features before you pick a solution.

These questions should more than pave the way for you to find the best system for your staff and business.