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Become Top Dog In These Top Jobs


Have you been considering a move to a new job but you aren’t quite sure what you should pursue? Autumn always gets people thinking about a fresh new role somewhere exciting and new, perhaps because now that the winter is just around the corner many people want to make the change to a new and exciting career before the chilly weather hits. Check out some of the top jobs below that people are making the change to today.

Legal Industry

The legal industry is picking up steam in terms of people making the move over to pursue a career in any number of avenues that are available in this field. Not only is the field diverse in terms of positions you can move into but the type of law you can study. If you get a new legal job, this can expose you to roles ranging from paralegal all the way up to partner and beyond. Law branches include criminal defense/prosecution, property, intellectual property, business law, immigration, financial and more to only start touching the surface. Not only that, but many people who start as paralegals often make the move upwards within their company to full fledged lawyers.


Freelancing in a number of ways is picking up speed as a go-to for many looking to either change their job in full or just to supplement their income so they can enjoy life a bit more. If you have any level of marketable skill such as transcription, video editing, writing, vector drawing, graphic design amongst others, you can exploit your skill to make a bit of side cash. Freelancing websites like Fiverr, ELance and Upwork are go-to places for people looking to make some extra scratch on the side.

Virtual Assisting

For anyone with a bit of a background in admin work, becoming a virtual assistant is the answer to your dreams of working from home or being your own boss (to an extent). Virtual assistants work the same way as secretaries or general administrative assistants and can do things like answer phones, direct mail and emails and even run errands for their clients. Most virtual assistants are freelance or self employed, so that makes this role even more attractive to those people looking to supplement their day job or to create a whole new income for themselves to stay at home with children or purely to work for themselves.

Working The Neighbourhood Hustle

If you want to earn a bit of cash on the side but aren’t keen on devoting hours to sitting behind a desk at the end of a workday of sitting behind a desk for hours then working your neighbourhood might be the kind of side job you need. Doing things like shovelling snow, mowing lawns, small DIY jobs for neighbours and the like can make you a nice bit of side profit while getting you out and about and getting you exercise to boot!


There you have a couple of great ideas for new jobs this autumn season that will either help you reset your career, switch careers or add a bit of a side job to your existing one to help you bring in more cash, right in time for Christmas too! Good luck and enjoy exploring all the options available for side work there are today!