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Crowdsource Software Allows for True Community Innovation

Do you remember the strategy launched by Microsoft in terms of it Office 2010 package? The office package is one of Microsoft’s greatest earners period what Microsoft did before launching Office 2010 was allowed 9 million people to use the packages better version, they’re right testing it in return for feedback. This resulted in 2 million valuable comments comma which in turn and shared Office 2010 became a huge success. This is a prime example of how crowdsourced software allows for true community innovation.

Crowdsource Software to Help Innovate

Sticking with the Microsoft example, the company reported back on how well their crowdsource efforts went. From their innovation lab, called the Virtual Research Lab, the company looks at how individuals used to programs various new features. They ain’t to do this to ensure millions of people would be able to have a software package that actually fit a stair particular needs. This was perhaps the greatest crowdsourcing project of its kind ever.

It is exciting and complicated to develop a new piece of software. Teams work together and bounce ideas off each other, which eventually become a reality. Because the people involved in this development are so professional, you can almost guarantee that the product will always at least be good. However, for a giant like Microsoft, good isn’t good enough. What they are looking for is great. Developing and determining something that is truly great however, is about entering uncharted waters. It is incredibly difficult to determine whether something will work across all the different landscapes. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find out whether the package will work across all configurations and all types of devices. Testing things to this extent will take so much time, the program must be obsolete by the time it was ready for launch.

Microsoft’s own innovative idea what to use crowdsourced testing to look at each of the elements of the latest package. This was a true stroke of genius. Day and short real people who try out the real system. They would use it as if they had purchased it. It also meant they would have their own specific demands that they wanted to see met. This is also where the perspective is so different: most of the time a program developer determines what somebody needs and builds capabilities around that. Microsoft however, got people to tell them what they needed and they developed capabilities around that.

Crowdsourced testing is incredibly different from any other testing method. It is, in essence, a type of outsourcing. But it is also far bigger than that. It goes above and beyond what any quality assurance team would ever be able to deliver and above and beyond with any singular outsourcing company could ever achieve. Crowdsourced testing has the potential to go global. Anyone is able to participate, regardless of where they are from and what their skills are. This also ensures that is not just the experts that test the program out but that it’s the actual users who will do so. For a company like Microsoft, this makes it far more relevant than any other form of testing.