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Daniel D Purjes on How Marketing Has Been Empowered by Digital Printing


Lots of printing methods exist, and Daniel D Purjes has experience with them all. Whether it is printing a report to be presented on Wall Street, a billboard to grace the skies of NYC, a simple list with the breakdown of a new investment fund, a main story in the New York Times, they all require printing. The printing press was invented in 1449 and has gone through major changes since then. Towards the end of the 19th century, offset printing become more popular and inkjet printing has now existed for nearly 70 years. But for Daniel D Purjes, the biggest asset to the printing industry came with the invention of digital printing.

Daniel D Purjes on Digital Printing

The first time digital printing was developed was in 1993, when digital devices started to provide the printing material. What this has done is giving the professional printer real power. People such as Barrons and Mctague have built empires based on their ability to print any size on any material, in any quantity. Purjes, from his offices in Rockwood, aims to do something similar.

Some people continue to believe in offset printing, however, mainly because it has a lower cost per page. However, there are serious drawbacks to offset printing, including the creation of printing plates, which is very time consuming. Digital printing offers instant results.

Another great benefit to digital printing is that it is possible to modify the original piece instantly. A digital image can be altered and saved in a matter of moments. Essentially, it has offered on-demand printing.

Plus, digital printing can be used on any material, which is particularly beneficial for the marketing and advertising sector. It is now possible to create the most fantastic, eye-catching designs and have them printed on just about anything. This truly has changed the world. Suddenly, there are companies setting up online shops to provide digital printing services. All they require of their clients is for them to send the digital image they want to print and their instructions, and they will get to work.

The possibilities are quite literally endless. Marketing products like stickers, labels, corporate stationary, business cards, packaging materials, and many other things can be created. The design is controlled by the business or individual requiring a print, and the actual printing is done by the professionals. Together, they form an unstoppable team.

The circle of design is closed by the production and printing companies who aim to become increasingly effective and efficient. Enterprises can truly empower their marketing efforts by using digital prints to create anything. A supplier can show them that the sky is the limit, creating anything at all from the digital product. The end of the process is that the marketing material is delivered, often just a few days after the order was sent.

No longer are people stuck with old marketing methods and their limitations. Now, they can truly bring their vision to life.