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Dr Victoria J Mondloch on Why She Became a Doctor

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes doctors decide upon that profession? Is it a choice or did they just have a natural gift? inspired by a particular event? The truth is that it could very well be either of these things, but the reason for each doctor is very much individual to them. We spoke with Doctor Victoria J Mondloch here in Waukesha, Wisconsin to find out why she decided to dedicate her life to medicine. Dr Victoria Mondloch has been practicing medicine for over 20 years now, she has contributed towards the medical journal, she is on the board of her hospital and she has a long history of excellence in family medicine, gynecology and obstetrics. We were lucky enough to grab some of her time, to find out why exactly she became a doctor, which was actually a number of reasons.


Growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Victoria Mondloch first had an experience of hospital when her father was involved in a car accident. At the time Victoria was very young but she can recall the incident with perfect clarity. She tells me how scared she was to see her father in such shape, and then after leaving the room for 2 days and visiting him when she was allowed, the transformation was incredible. Her mother told her that the doctors had patched her dad up and they went home later that day, she tells me that this was the first moment that she realized how amazing doctors were.


Although Victoria Mondloch didn’t grow up wishing to be a doctor, at the age of 14 she and her teachers and parents realized that she had a special gift when it came to her studies, with science and biology particularly her strong points.  It was around this time that Victoria’s mother spoke to her about the possibility of studying medicine in the future, knowing that her grades would need to be exemplary from here on out if she wanted to achieve her doctor’s license. Recalling what had happened with her father, this was when she really set her sights on becoming a medical professional.

TV and Inspiration

Once the young Victoria had this notion in her head to become a doctor, she instantly became far more influenced by things around her, friends going to ER, family members becoming sick and even TV shows and movies which were set in hospitals. Victoria tells me that during this time, she was incredibly inquisitive about people’s problems and how they could be fixed and cured. It was these final years of inspiration which lead Victoria to work towards her doctor’s license, and then work even harder to make her way up the career ladder in her local hospital.

Each story is different but one thing that is for sure is that the men and women who chose this path, are the most humane and noble in our society, and we should be encouraging the next generation fo doctors.