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Dwyer Family Foundation Led by Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami


Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami would like for the children in his community — also the nation and the world, for that matter — to not only be conscious and aware of the inherent value of giving (whether it’s time or resources), but to also know how to give more effectively.

The Dwyer Family Foundation’s philanthropic efforts are centered around the shared interest in educational and religious organizations which serve the family and community of Miami-Dade through programs that help children in need get ahead in a complicated world.

The Dwyer Family Foundation never thinks too often of itself, reminding people who visit their website that “A Fund performs much like your own private foundation,” but that it is operable without any legal or administrative burdens. A fund can also be created in a matter of hours — and this comes at zero start-up cost to the user. This is compared to the multiple months (not to mention the financial expense) that is required in order to create a private foundation.

It’s a good time to consider the value of a fund during any financial event that occurs where a person is in the process of (or has currently experienced) receiving new assets. Not to mention, this is a tax-wise action, a gift which can be given before year-end. You can also start a fund to update your will or trust, or also if in the process of creating a private foundation.

The Dwyer Family and Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami are no stranger to sharing innovative ideas on investments — which “typically come from a combination of reading a broad range of material and meeting with [people].” This one-on-one guidance augments whatever text a person reads. The foundation uses such principles to improve the human experience for those who are in need.

The Dwyer Family Foundation stresses that you can’t be good at 20 things. They preach that focusing all one’s energy, putting one’s head down and working extremely hard will help raise smarter, more capable kids who go on to create a better world.

“If your kids are not doing well all the money in the world won’t fix that,” says Dwyer.

Past recipients of resources from the Dwyer Family Foundation include schools with programs for girls, environmental stewardship programs that set up children for the world of tomorrow, as well as schools which specialize in helping and educating children with dyslexia, ADHD, even short-term memory deficits — this is among other learning difficulties and disabilities.

Dwyer & Associates, nationally-ranked on multiple top advisor lists in 2018 and Forbes honoree, stays focused on 3 finite resources: health, wealth and time, just as The Dwyer Family Foundation focuses on helping children manage difficulties so they can focus on enjoying a higher quality of life, engaged in the pursuits they value the most.

Patrick Dwyer, Merrill Lynch wealth manager, founded and continues to lead the Dwyer Family Foundation, overseeing Dwyer & Associates, which operates under Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group. To learn more about the Family Foundation please visit http://dwyerfamilyfoundation.com.