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Getting Your Blog to the Top of the Heap

Blogs, blogs, blogs. They are the hot topic and there are millions of them on the web promoting every topic. You want to start one and wonder how you can cut through the traffic and get people to visit. Let’s assume you have an ability to write or secure great content. This is the key first step, but behind it there are other things you need to be to become successful. Here are a few of the key things:

You have to get your SEO right

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical factor in getting people to visit your site. Its necessity for long term success of your blog cannot be overstated and therefore you need to make its use a core part of your building your blog.

SEO positions your content with search engines so that your site is presented prominently when people search for the subject of your blog or the posts on it. The goal is to get you on or near the first search page because people are less likely to search past the first few pages.

SEO is essentially marketing for your site and you have a large say in its effectiveness. The top SEO strategists know that SEO is both and art and a science and the best approach is to work with a digital marketing and search engine optimization company to ensure that you get your SEO right When you do, you will have big companies like Google and Microsoft sending lots of people your way.

Never forget who you are writing for

Your blog posts should always be designed to get readers to feel like they have gained something from reading them. Too often bloggers lose sight of this and get caught up in venting, or discussing their own selfish points of view on a topic that may hold no interest to their audience. You need to remain completely aware of what you target audience is concerned with and give them lots of that so when they come they feel like your blog is a place that speaks to them. If your blog is about your personal life or opinions, remember to include aspects and points of view that again resonate with your target audience. The most successful blogs do this seamlessly to the point where it does not even seem like it is part of their strategy. It is and it has to be part of yours as well.

Make it mobile friendly

Time was when you would design your site to come up beautiful on desktop and other large screens. Today however most people will likely view your content on smaller tablet and phone screens. So you need to make sure that you design your site so that it appears attractively on these smaller screens and its functionality is attuned to working best on mobile. Google punishes sites that aren’t mobile device friendly. So if you are designing your site on WordPress, use a theme that is mobile friendly and test it before you launch it to make sure it works well for mobile users.

Compelling graphics and images will get people to stay

There is often a discussion about how important pretty pictures and interesting graphics are to a blog. Let me put that debate to rest right now. They are indispensable. The average person visits a dozen websites a day and a large amount of people view many times that amount. In order to keep people coming back, you need to have visuals that make them interested. So use great images to break up text and liven up posts. The great blogs understand this and if you visit them you will always see a calculated mix of visuals and text that combine to make things informative and interesting. Now to be clear, this means unique visuals mostly. So utilize the existing web based tools that allow you to create cool images and info-graphics. They are all over the web and provide a quick and inexpensive way for you to add some real punch to your blog.

I know if you follow these steps you will become a top blogger. Now time to get writing!