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Helping the Environment by Hunting

If you were to tell a PETA member that you are looking for guns for sale online because you believe hunting protects the environment, they would probably implode. Of course, it would be slightly arrogant to say that hunting is a necessity for the environment. However, there is certainly a case to be made for saying that professional, controlled hunting can be beneficial. So what are the arguments you have to have to hand in the showdown with that PETA member?

  1. You Help to Control and Maintain Populations

Hunting in this country is strictly regulated and for good reason. People go out to count how many animals are in the wild, and those officials know how many animals the environment can sustain. During hunting season, reports have to be made of each animal that has been killed, so that a specific population, one that can thrive and sustain itself, can be maintained.

  1. It Means You Are Less Dependent on Livestock Farming

If there is one thing a PETA member (and, to be fair, a human being) hates, it is livestock farming practices. This is because animals are kept in hideous conditions, just so that they can provide humans with food. While you can bypass that slightly by buying organic meat, the best way to do it is to completely boycott meat producers by hunting your own. That does mean you have to eat your kill, however!

  1. You Will Eat Healthy Ingredients

Another bone of contention for environmentalists is that farmed animals are injected with hormones and other chemicals, supposedly for the protection of the flock (if one animal gets sick, they may all have to get culled). However, this is leading to human beings becoming resistant to important antibiotics and being exposed to various hormones. The effects of these injections on animals is poorly, if at all researched. By hunting, you make a contribution towards stopping this practice. Again, you will have to eat your kill.

  1. You Must Be a Conservationist to Be a Hunter

Unless you care about the environment, you cannot be a hunter. For instance, deforestation has caused not just animals from being displaced, it has caused hunters to lose their favorite hunting grounds. Good hunters will fight tooth and nail to make sure forests and other natural habitats are left intact.

  1. You Appreciate Nature as a Hunter

As a hunter, you learn about an animal’s natural habitat and about their life and behavior. Not only do you appreciate nature and become a conservationist, you become somewhat of an expert. And you can learn to read signs of problems, for instance if animals start to behave out of sorts. This, in turn, can be reported back to the forestry commission so that they can investigate whether there is an issue in the natural environment.

It is unlikely that a hunter and a PETA member will ever see eye to eye. However, with this information to hand, you may at least be able to have a friendly discussion.