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Here’s What You Can Learn from Zoella’s YouTube Success


Zoella ‘Zoe’ Sugg is no stranger in the vlogging scene. Having started her YouTube channel in 2009, the 25-year old has grown to become a household name among beauty lovers and fashionistas in the UK and worldwide. She has since launched her own make-up line and written beauty tips for popular fashion magazines, including a novel.

Zoella is an inspirational success (11 million YouTube subscribers say so), and proves you too can establish the same growth in your beauty vlogging venture. It is strategic, but also requires commitment and practice.

Here are some things you can learn from Zoella’s YouTube Success.

  1. Be original and down-to-earth

Zoella’s achievement is a breakthrough, going from one million subscribers to five million in a year, at one point. She has spent years honing her skills, growing and maintaining her audience, as well as establishing her voice on YouTube. She comes off as accessible and approachable; two qualities which are key to growing your subscriber base on YouTube.

By being original, your content is more interesting. It also sets your vlog apart from thousands of beauty vloggers on the internet. A down-to-earth personality is positive and likable. Adopt these into your own presentation.

  1. Take advantage of collaboration

Don’t shut yourself from possibilities of co-vlogging with other YouTube content producers. Zoella collaborated with creators in other fields and drove her subscriber base up. One benefit of collaboration is the exposure it gives across different audiences, increased viewership and popularity.

Zoella’s collaboration strategy is part of her work. In each video featuring her on the collaborator’s channel, there are links back to her own channel with clear calls to action. Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration. Identify fellow vloggers (not too different from your style) and work together. Another benefit is the knowledge you get from diverse fields.

  1. Embrace other Platforms

Zoella is not restricted to YouTube alone, she has appeared on other forms of traditional media. From Company magazine – where she was its first YouTube cover girl- to featuring on popular UK TV Shows such as This Morning and Loose Women, she has traversed the online scene.

Look towards embracing other media platforms such as writing features for popular fashion magazines, organising your own off-line meetups or speaking at conventions relevant to your field. These are networking opportunities that make you more relatable, and humanises your online personality.

  1. Engage with your viewers/subscribers

With more the 11 million subscribers, you would think Zoella couldn’t find time to interact with them but she does. It’s not just responding to online comments, but making videos where she replies to selected inquiries or call for advice. There’s something about seeing their messages being read on her vlog that makes the audience feel special.

People send fan mail by post, and although Zoella doesn’t feature everything online, she reads and replies every single one personally. Make time to engage your viewers, on YouTube and other online channels too. Being personable grows your subscriber base and takes you to YouTube success!