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How I’ve Made a Living Online

I never really applied myself at school and came out of education without a college degree, something which I thought would hold me back. Because of my lack of education and lack of really knowing what I wanted to do in life, I ended up working in a super market for the next 10 years. Around 3 years ago I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to improve my life. I had a chance meeting with an old school buddy of mine, Michael Eckhardt Tucson, who started telling me about how he was making a great living online.

After this conversation, my mind was made up, I simply had to carve out a living online and here I sit, three years on, working from my laptop each day, traveling where I want and when I want. I wanted to talk to you about how I made money online so that if you find yourself in the rut that I did, you too can use the internet to change your life.

Online Surveys

Remember that nothing happens overnight and if you want to start making money online then you’ll probably have to start out small. My first earnings online came from filling out online surveys. There are loads available online and whilst they do not pay much for each one, if you dedicate the time to it then you can start earning at least a couple of hundred dollars every month.


I used the money which I made from surveys to create and design my own blog about football, I dedicated a lot of my time to it whilst I was still in my job and before long I was starting to see quite  bit of traffic hitting my blog. I kept working on the blog, kept pushing for more traffic and I was finally able to sell some space on my site for advertisers. This money got me very excited and whilst I wasn’t able to quit my job just yet, I knew that the end was in sight.


This was the straw that broke the camels back for me and the tool which I used to finally give up my day job and work online full time. I found the website Upwork, it is a jobs website which puts employers in touch with those who work freelance. At first I started doing freelance jobs like writing gigs and secretarial work, stuff that was within my gift to do as I had no technical knowledge about computing whatsoever. After making some great contacts from my writing work, I started my own copywriting company, found writers on social media and asked my contacts to send me any writing work which they needed. Before long my team were writing over 1500 articles each month and the revenue which I made from both this and my football site enabled my to do something I had wanted to do for years, hand in my notice.