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How Online Learning Can Benefit You

Learning and training is something that is important to individuals and the corporate world alike. It is very important, therefore, that effective methods of learning are chosen and developed. One way to do this, is through online learning. More and more online programs are being made available, and Alabama A&M University has now joined this trend, under the guidance of their Executive Vice President and COO, Kevin Rolle. People like him understand just how many opportunities online learning offers to students and businesses alike, and is therefore highly focused on increasing the availability of such courses through his university.

Today, Alabama A&M University has joined many other universities and schools that offer training in soft skills, compliance, application training, induction programs, and more. Indeed, the scope of e-learning is growing exponentially and it seems as if it will never end.  It is important, however, that these programs are developed properly, and that they truly benefit the learner and the organization as a whole.

The Benefits of Online Learning

  1. It helps to save a great deal of costs. Going to university is increasingly expensive, and there are only so many options available for grants and finance. Studying online is much more affordable. This is also true for organizations, who see significant savings in their staff development because they don’t have to make arrangements for trainers to come in.
  2. It helps to save time, mainly because people can study in their own time, around their own schedule. This means that businesses do not have to go without staff for however long it takes to complete a degree. While part time learning is available, this is still a significant infringement on time due to travel.
  3. It is highly flexible, because not only do people not to give up on their professional and personal responsibilities, they can literally study from wherever they like, whenever they like. They can complete some of their learning while having a coffee at Starbucks, when they can’t sleep at night, or even when they are on vacation.
  4. It is very easy to determine whether a student has learned the materials they needed to learn, far more so than through old fashioned examinations. At the same time, it is much easier for students and employers alike to determine whether what they learned has benefited them. In fact, because they learn while they work, they can apply their newfound skills immediately.

For Kevin Rolle, however, the greatest benefit is that it enables people to truly commit to lifelong learning. He believes that when someone stops learning, they may as well stop living. Furthermore, he believes that it is vital that schools keep up with modern changes, challenges, and demands. Everything is now digital and online, including learning, and schools and students alike must stay up to date with this if they are to remain relevant. Add to this the fact that numerous studies have now shown that online learning is beneficial for learners and organizations alike, and it quickly becomes clear why Knolle is working so hard at implementing it across the board in his university.