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How Terra Aims to Change the World for the Better

The Terra Group is a well-known integrated development firm. They operate out of South Florida, and they aim to create design orientated and sustainable communities. Their overarching goal is to create not neighborhoods, but communities in which people can come together. This was the original vision of father and son founding duo Pedro and David Martin, who have been working towards achieving this since 2001. They have been very successful in this, playing a key role in making the South Florida region more prosperous overall.

Since its founding, Terra Group has taken on a variety of multifamily apartments, office spaces, retail shopping centers, town houses, single family homes, and luxury high rise buildings. These are found in suburban and urban areas alike. Every time an investment is added to the company’s portfolio, it is seen as a strategic way of ensuring individual communities notice a positive impact as a result. The two Martins are passionate about their region, and not just in terms of business. Rather, everyone who works for the Terra Group is expected to play a role in advancing the reach of cultural, arts, civic, and charitable organizations.

The company also focuses on land acquisitions across the South Florida region. Their strategic focus first started in Miami Beach, and they quickly expanded into Dadeland. This happened when they developed a 2-phase high rise residence. From Dadeland, they move into the Omni area and downtown Miami itself, moving on to the City of Doral and beyond. Today, they have a presence across the full region.

The most recent work that the Terra Group has done has been focused on Doral and Weston, Miami Beach, and Coconut Grove. For instance, they were involved in Park Grove, designed by Rem Koolhaas, and in the Grove at Grand Bay, designed by Bjarke Ingels. Both these projects are luxury condos that are playing a pivotal role in revitalizing Coconut Grove. Furthermore, they complete the Glass in the SoFi district of Miami Beach, which is a Rene Gonzalez-designed 10-unit condo. Lastly, they are currently working in North Beach, where Renzo Piano has designed a 70-unit beachfront condo. Additionally, the company continues to be involved in Doral, and particularly the Neovita and Modern communities, as well as in Weston, where they are working on a 121-acre project at Botaniko, designed by Roney Mateu and Chad Oppenheim.

Pedro Martin and David Martin continue to play a key role in their company. They have set themselves the mission of “creating better”. This means that they want to break the boundaries of what has already been done, focusing on sustainability and community spirit. When they started the Terra Group, they aimed to truly transform South Florida’s neighborhoods, but also the way in which people live in them. They achieve this through unexpected, intelligent, and considered designs.

The company will continue to work on this, and is particularly keen to assist in the relief efforts that will be necessary with the passing of Hurricane Irma.