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How to Have a Transparent Idea Management System

Having idea management software in place is just the first start of becoming innovative. For it to work properly, you also have to make sure that it is fully transparent. Anyone who works with the system must be able to understand how it works, how they should use it, and how it will provide them and the organization as a whole with benefits.

Why Does Your System Have to Be Transparent?

Anything that is transparent encourages internal communication. It also demonstrates to your staff that you trust them. You will be able to get maximum benefits of the idea management software. It encourages your staff to get involved in the process, to come up with new ideas and build on those of others, and to gain a greater understanding of the company as a whole. Additionally, it makes people more excited about the process. Research by Clear Company has also demonstrated that companies with excellent communication, which transparency encourages, have turnover levels that are 50% lower than in companies without transparency and communication.

How to Make Your Idea Management Software More Transparent

  1. Make sure everybody in your organization is included in the process. In so doing, you engage and involve people across the board. It also means you will get more ideas submitted.
  2. Run sessions to explain what the system is, and how participation will help to benefit the entire organization. This means that you address any misunderstandings and questions from the word go. Additionally, it ensures your staff understands that their ideas benefit the company as a whole.
  3. Have a clear policy in place about how ideas get chosen and/or use. Make sure they understand the submission rules, voting rules, and more. This policy should be provided to every employee.
  4. Ensure that you have given everybody access to the system. They have to be able to not just submit ideas, but also to see other people’s ideas, comment on those, choose which ideas they like, and so on. Access is the most important element of transparency. Employees need to be able to see what the ideas are, and in what stage of development they are.

A final thing to remember is that you shouldn’t just tell your staff members that they can submit their own ideas, and that they can give suggestions on the ideas of others. Rather, you need to make sure that they are encouraged to do this at every point. One way to achieve that is by leading by example, and emulating the behavior that you expect of them. People have to not just know, but also understand that their ideas and contributions are valuable, appreciated, and absolutely necessary to the future success of the organization as a whole.

Increasing transparency across the board, and not just in your idea management software, could be your first innovative ideas. The four steps above can be applied to any business process. The benefits this will offer your company as a whole are immeasurable.