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How to Impress Clients with Your Office Space


For businesses in the US, competition is fierce. In fact, these are some of the most crowded and competitive markets anywhere in the world. Yet, they offer endless opportunities to those who can learn to ride the waves of their many ups and downs. Collaboration is a big part of this; having the right support from vendors, suppliers, and investors is key to survival.

While acquiring big clients and partners can be a very difficult job, the work doesn’t stop after they’re in the bag and on your list of accounts. Corporate relationships are rather delicate assets, particularly in the early days before you’ve built up a sense of shared loyalty. You’ve got to constantly convince clients that your business is providing the best possible deal.

There are a thousand different ways to impress clients and showcase the strength of your brand, but it all starts with where you work. Keep reading to find out why a premium office space is essential for success.

Grab a Top Address

We all know that there’s more to a business than what its office looks like. However, it’s important to acknowledge that appearance plays a role. The term ‘location prejudice’ refers to the tendency of investors to focus only on companies with an impressive headquarters.

While it might sound unfair, the corporate world can be a superficial place at times, and you’ve got to use the tools at your disposal to get noticed. Servcorp offers professional executive suites, with addresses in some of the most prestigious spots throughout the United States.

Yet, the rates are very affordable for one important reason. Serviced vendors provide managed suites. It means that all the logistical basics – broadband, heating, lighting, cleaning, air conditioning, etc. – are included in the fee. You pay a single monthly fee for all of this.

Make an Effort to Host

If you’re going to invest in a world class serviced office, you might as well take advantage of all the resources provided. This includes access to beautifully designed conference rooms and meetings areas. The media and presenting equipment is always high quality as well.

So, your business has a chance to impress clients by hosting meetings in luxury environments. What’s more, you don’t even have to pay full-time to access them. If your hosting duties are infrequent, just pay for ‘one off’ hire sessions and save yourself some cash.

Get Out and Network

On the other hand, you don’t have to constantly host clients to prove that you’re a strong company. Networking and building up an extensive web of industry contacts is highly recommended. Investors and big market players favour businesses which are active and engaged.

They want to see activity and life. They love it when brands don’t wait around for the opportunities to come to them. Fortunately, most serviced facilities contain a range of collaborative spaces designed for chat, team building, networking, and creative sharing.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The temptation to get cosy and comfortable, as soon as you’ve found that perfect office, is understandable. It isn’t necessarily all that helpful though. Most investors are looking for drive and ambition. They want to see a commitment to progressive growth and development.

Showing this kind of spirit is easy, but implementing it can be much harder. It’s worth remembering that serviced office solutions are built around tenants. If you work with these providers, they will help you move into bigger, better corporate suites when the time comes.

Why Flexible Office Solutions Are the Best Option

We’ve already discussed why the US markets can be quite hostile and turbulent places for small businesses. The key to survival is maintaining the right connections. No man (or entrepreneur) is an island. If you want to make it to the top, you’ve got to forge long lasting relationships, and a high-quality office can help you do this.