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How to Motivate Yourself To Start Something New

Getting started on something new is not always as easy as it seems and anyone who lacks that get up and go, will need to find their motivation in order to get going. This could be something like homework, a new online project or a DIY project that you are looking to take on. I personally have always struggled with getting started on something new, once I get going I am alright but getting started in the first place can be challenging. With the help of my dear friend Walter Viola, I no longer have this problem and here is how I get motivated to start something new.

Reverse Engineering

A great way to get yourself going is to think about the project or the task which you are about to undertake, in reverse. This process helps you to visualize what it is you are about to do, as well as being able to see the steps which you must take in order to achieve it. Reverse engineering can help you to get inspired and motivated to get started on that project.

Plan a Schedule

If you have a schedule for when you will work on your project, when you will finish and when you will take breaks, you can break the project down into small and manageable chunks. On you have broken the task down like this, each segment is much easier to achieve and it will help you to feel positive and determined to get started. Make sure that you sick to your schedule so that you can avoid feeling disappointed if you don’t achieve a certain target.

Give Yourself Goals

AS mentioned before, you need to be able to break down what you are about to do into small and easy to achieve segments so that you can feel inspired to finish the job. A great way of doing this is to add goals into your schedule which you need to achieve along the way. If you feel as though you are doing something which you will never finish then it can leave you slightly discouraged and so you ought to plot your project with milestones that you can reach.

Just Do It

The best approach that you can have to getting started is just to get the project underway as soon as possible. The longer that you leave getting started, the longer the project will take to complete and so it really makes sense just to roll your sleeves up and get going. The nuggets problem with motivation is not in your body or your energy levels but rather in your mind and the only way to overcome this is to get all of the negative thoughts out, and approach you project with a positive attitude. Thank about what you will achieve once you have completed your project and let this inspire you to take a positive attitude when it comes to getting it started.