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If You Want a Job in Finance Here Some Ideas


After the banking collapse and financial crisis of 2008, there were fewer people interested in a job in the financial sector than there had been for over 30 years. These figures have since picked up and the financial industry is once again bouncing with fresh life, renewed energy and a new generation who are ready to turn this sector into a modern machine. There has never been a better time to get into the financial sector than right now, there are new markets opening up around the World, oil prices are stable, the dollar is strong and business across the World is booming. So don’t wait to educate yourself, and you can do so with things such as an online MBA in finance. As you are able to possess excellent skills needed in this industry, there is a greater chance for you to immediately get promoted and earn a higher salary. If this is an industry that you want to get involved in then here are some jobs for your consideration.

Stock Broker

Fast paced and frenetic, the job of a stock broker is not quite like the movie depicts in films like ‘Wall Street’ and the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, the reality is far different but the fun is much the same. On a day to day basis you will be selling yourself to clients, researching the financial markets, making multi-million or billion dollar trades and making huge sums of money from commission if you play your cards right. Stock brokering doesn’t require any set qualifications and whilst you may find the first few years a tough slog, you can reap the benefits once you pass your brokerage exams and start to get established in the business.

Investment Consultant

Businesses around the World are constantly looking for the next hot prospect to invest in and it is for this reason why companies like 3i are doing so well at the moment. Chairman of 3i Robert Stefanowski is a master of his trade and heads up just one of the successful companies who are thriving at the moment thanks to their outstanding knowledge in the field of investment. If you want to work in this area of finance then you re going to need to have a comprehensive knowledge of many financial markets and have the confidence to offer your advice to multi-billion dollar companies.

Financial Advisor

There are so many people around the World, both businesses and individuals who rely heavily on a financial advisor to help them manage their cash and their assets. If you have an outstanding knowledge of the financial sector, from banking, markets, investments and commodities then you could earn very well if you decide to set up as a financial advisor. Whilst qualifications will help to gain your client’s trust, they are not a prerequisite and anyone can charge for their financial counsel. If you are confident, knowledgeable, likable and feel as though you can help people to better save, spend and invest their money then you could forge out a very successful career as an advisor. You would probably be better served working in another area of finance before starting you job as a financial advisor, this will serve you far better by way of experience.

These are just some of the positions in the financial sector which you could look at getting in to but there is a huge range of career choices available to you depending on your speciality.