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Leslie Hocker – What Skills Do You Need To Be A Successful Business Person


I was chatting last week with my good friend and highly successful businesswoman Leslie Hocker, about what it takes to become a successful business person. The reason for the chat was that I was asked the ska question by one of my students and I was keen to hear the thoughts of someone inside the industry. Aside from having pure business acumen, there is a core set of skills which anyone who wants to make it in business will need to have. If you have dreams of one day becoming successful in business, here are the skills that you are going to need.


Ambition plays a key part in each and every successful business person on the planet and if you want to make it far, you will need to share in this ambition. ambition is about more than just wanting to do well for yourself, it is also about having the ambition for your company and your place of work.

Team Working

If you expect to make it in business as an island, you will not get very far and you will rely on the help of each individual member of your team in order to succeed. The key to having a great career in business is not only understanding how a team should operate but also understanding how the individual cogs in the team machine works. Ideally you should be able to play all roles within the team setting.

Communication Skills

In order to be successful in business you must have excellent communication skills. These skills will help you when dealing with colleagues, with peers and also with clients and you should do all that you can to ensure your communication is on point. Many people think that communication is just about talking but listening is equally as important and you must know who to listen to and when.


If you were to look at all of the most successful business people in the world, you will find that these men and women are without question the most driven in their companies. If you want to find true success in business then you must have all out commitment to the cause, you must be prepared to work extremely hard and leave all of you troubles at the door before you walk into the office. Drive will get you to places that you never thought possible.

Results Driven

Ultimately, business success comes down to results and if you expect to make your way in the industry, you will also need to lay all of your focus on your results. With the greatest will in the world, if the results aren’t up to scratch, you will find it incredibly difficult to make an impact in the business world and it is with your results that you should be placing the majority of your efforts.

Do you possess these skills? Perhaps you can find success in business if so.