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Meeting Room Rundowns – 5 Tips to Avoid a Meeting Breakdown



You have just come out of the worst meeting, and you were the facilitator. First, the copier broke down just as you were copying your agenda. Someone decided to make 500 copies of a brochure just before your meeting, and by the time you began copying, the machine jammed up. Now, you are rushing around trying to find a working copier.

By the time you make ti through the trafic to get to your meeting, not only are you sweating profusely, but the meeting room is locked. After hunting down a maintenance guy, you finally access the room, but you have no time to set up or test the equipment. The entire time you find yourself fumbling with technology until at some point you leave the smart station and just wing it. The interesting thing is all of this meeting room drama could have been avoided with Servcorp meeting rooms.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways you can avoid common mishaps that occur while holding meetings and ensure a more fluid experience for all involved.

Reserving The Space

An important part of planning a meeting is reserving the appropriate space. When initially making a reservation, give an accurate estimate of how many people will be in attendance. If you are not sure, make reservations for more than you expect because it is better to have the space than not.

Also, make sure to include a list of all of the items you might need during the meeting. Most places that reserve this type of space will provide room to make these requests, so include your request as a part of the reservation. Do not assume they will automatically include certain equipment.

Preparing The Room

Before the meeting, make sure to call the establishment to confirm the space. This is the opportunity for you to make sure the room will be available and have the requisite supplies requested when initially reserving space. This prevents you from having to run around at the last minute to get needed materials.

The day of the event arrive at the space at least an hour early to make sure the room is set up. At this time, the doors should be open, and if not, you have time to get an attendant to unlock the door. You can also check to make sure technologies and tools you requested are available.

Become Familiar With The Technology

The next couple minutes will afford you the time to test the equipment. This is a good time to ask any questions of the staff related to how to operate the equipment. If something is awry, then it can be handled before the meeting. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a technology meltdown when trying to impress clients, and getting to the room early to get comfortable with the equipment can prevent any mishaps.

Creating An Agenda

The best meeting always has a plan that helps you navigate through the topics. An agenda can help you manage your time and keep the meeting focused. Whether you have five agenda items or fifteen, it is always good to draft an agenda for you and for your attendees.

Engaging Your Audience

Up to this point, you have pretty much laid the groundwork for holding a great meeting. At this point, all you have to do is keep your attendees awake. Engage your audience by spending a few minutes at the beginning with an ice breaker. Then, include your participants in the discussion by having them actively engage in the meeting through activities. Cooperative activities are a way to keep your audience awake and in tuned to the discussion.

Avoid The Meltdown

A million mishaps can happen during a meeting. However, most of these problems can be avoided by preparing for the meeting before the event. Whether it pertains to reservations or room preparations, the perfect, no-fault meeting can be your next best effort.