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Nenadi and Other Inspirational Women around The World


It has just been the 2018 International Women’s Day, a day which serves as a reminder that there are some incredibly inspirational women out there, as well as offering a reminder that we still have a long way to go before we achieve the equality that we are all looking for.

A day like this gives us time to reflect on the women who are fighting the good fight for women’s rights, and providing an inspiration figure for young girls everywhere to look at, and by inspired by. With this sin mind we have put together a list of some of the world’s most inspirational women, and what they are doing that has made them so successful.

Nenadi Usman

Many women don’t get the exposure which they deserve for their amazing work and one such person is Nenadi Usman, a female senator in Nigeria, who is breaking the mould. Usman studied hard to get a good education, and then took that knowledge and used it in her role in the classroom as a teacher. Usman admits that she knew that in order to make real change, she would have to do so from within and so she embarked upon a political career which has now gained her the position as senator of Kaduna South where she is using her position to help to inspire and empower women throughout her constituency, and the country on the whole.

Lynne Laube, COO and co-founder of Cardlytics

One industry which has been heavily male dominated for a long period of time is the banking world, but with women like Lynne Laube about, the age of men looks set to be on its way out. Laube is the co-founder and current COO of Cardlytics, a company designed to build better data for banks. The company currently employees over 200 pope and has raised more than $200 million. Not all women inspire through their words about female empowerment, many do this just by their actions alone and the greatly successful Laube and her company are doing just that.

Fatima Dicks, found of Jetpack

The life of an immigrant in the USA is not always easy, less still if you are a female, but these facts did not hold back the inspirational and successful Fatima Dicks. Dicks and her family emigrated from Mali, and could not speak a word doc English upon their arrival, after much hard work to integrate into her local community, Dicks always had big dreams and after landing a position to study at Stanford University, she created Jetpack, a company which connects people around the world with vital products that they need. Dicks’ success has not just been an inspiration for those who arrive in the US searching for a better life, but also for women around the world who believe that they can overcome the odds and win.