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New Trends in Online Reputation Management


There continue to be many people who believe that online reputation management is only of importance to big corporations that have come under attack. This isn’t right however. It doesn’t matter whether a business is a small startup company or whether it is the largest in the world. They all must make sure that they have a good online reputation if they are to survive. It is believed that 2018 will be the year in which online reputation management matters more than anything. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits.

The Benefits of Proper Online Reputation Management

We live in a digital world. This means anybody is able to find any information they like online. Additionally, they can leave any information they like online. If somebody isn’t happy with a product or service, or simply feels like saying bad things about a company, product or service, they can do so with ease. Not a day seems to go by that some celebrity isn’t under attack by someone for instance, and it is rare for any of this information to actually be accurate. And the reality is that businesses are not immune from this either.

Thankfully, online reputation management can do a lot towards damage control should someone or something become under attack. The benefits of doing so include:

  • Increased levels of trust. People trust what other people say. In fact, 70% of people will follow the recommendations of people they know. Additionally, 70% of people place a greater amount of trust in the unions of consumers, even those who they don’t know, than advertisements.
  • Negative comments are removed. Innocence, professional reputation management is a form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ¬†Anything negative that was left online can be pushed back so that it becomes hard, if not impossible come out to find.
  • Engaging in professional reputation management is cost-effective. The damage that can be done by a single negative review is huge. In fact, some businesses will not be able to recover from it period having a professional monitor your reputation means that you do not have to worry about the impact of a negative review, since they will do all that is necessary to bury that.
  • Increased keyword rankings. Because reputation management is a form of SEO, it focuses heavily on keywords as well. What this means is that becomes easier to find a business as a whole and that the positive reviews become easier to find as well.

Online reputation management should be done after 4th. In fact, it is something that can be make or break for business. This is true regardless of size and budget. Indeed, what has done is level the playing field. It has made it possible for even the smallest organisation with the smallest business to compete with the largest. Most of all, however, having a poor reputation essentially means that a company will no longer be able to remain in business, because people will simply go elsewhere.