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People Who Became a Great Success After Dropping Out of School

Dropping out of school is not something that is recommended, a good education will serve you well in the future and put you in the best possible position to get a great job in the future. With this being said, dropping out of school is not a death sentence and there are many people who have actually turned their failure at school level into a pathway for success and today we are going to take al look at some of the people who have managed to do exactly that.


TB Joshua

The famous Nigerian pastor and prophet TB Joshua dropped out of school before completing even one year of high school education. The pastor was unperturbed by his educational failings and he went on to begin teaching study groups to young people around his local town. The pastor received a prophecy from God that he must build a church and he created the Synagogue Church of All Nations. The congregation grew and grew and currently the pastor gives sermons to over 15,000 people, SCOAN is the most popular destination for tourists entering into Nigeria and the churches success continues to go from strength to strength.


Richard Branson

Richard Branson went from dropping out of school at the age of 15 to becoming worth over $4.9 billion, not a bad success story for a drop out. The young Branson decided that his schooling was not preparing him sufficiently for the real World and instead decided to quit and start his own ventures. Follow much success, the young Englishman began carving out his Virgin empire and throughout his career he has overseen over 500 companies and the Virgin brand is carried on around 250 of them. Looks like Branson’s decision to quit school was a sound one.


Aretha Franklin

The world-famous mother of soul Aretha Franklin quit school at the age of 15 to look after her newly born child. Franklin had already been noticed for her stunning voice and had cut tracks as early as age 14, the young mother did not let parenthood dampen her dreams and she has since gone on to become one of the most famous soul and gospel singers throughout the World. In 1987 Franklin was the first ever woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and she has also racked up a stunning 18 grammies and also been given honorary degrees from Harvard and Princeton. Not bad for a teenage Mum from

These are of course some examples of the success stories but there are thousands more examples which don’t paint quite a great picture for anyone who drops out of school. The morale of the story is to try and stay in school for as long as you can but if the worst should happen and you drop out, don’t for one second believe that your life is over, these people are testament to that.