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Problems Which Could Wipe Out Your Online Business at Speed


New businesses are so delicate in their early years that the very best care and attention mist be given at all times to avoid something critical from occurring. This vulnerability is something that can only truly be overcome by years under the belt and profit on the balance sheet.

There are so many businesses which end up going into liquidation or closing down in their first few years that it is important that you, as a business owner, understand perfectly what threats there are out there, and how best to avoid them. Let’s take a look at just some of the dangers which your online business could face.


The most popular reason for businesses to close is either through lack of strong financial management leaving companies in debt or in crisis, and lack of finances full stop. It can be easy to get compactness as an online business because relatively speaking, your overheads are generally far lower than someone who must operate from premises. In spite of the lower monthly costs, you still need to ensure that you are placing an extremely high focus on your balance sheet. In terms of sufficient funding, this is something which you should always be on the look out for, there are always new ways to earn, new ways to sell and new ways to make money and you should never stop hustling to bring in revenue.


We are more widely exposed thanks to the internet than we ever have been before and assuming you are squeaky clean, you can use this exposure to build the image of your company and drive new sales. On the same note, this wider exposure leaves many of us vulnerable to attack or slander and it doesn’t take much to have your business destroyed as a result of someone besmirching your reputation. This could be something as small as a negative Yelp review to something bigger like an all out attack from you competitor on social media. To avoid this damaging your business you need to enlist the help of a team such as the guys at Eric Schiffer Reputation Management Consultants who make it their business to ensure that your online reputation is protected.

Growth Problems

Growth presents businesses with two clear problems which can cause irreparable damage to a company. The first problem is that many people look to seek growth, when the opportunity is not there to do so. The result of this is that companies essentially run before walking, invest heavily in a larger operation and then run into difficulties when the sales don’t meet the expansion. The second problem, believe it or not, comes as a result of businesses not growing with the times, they find relative success, the demand is increased and they fail to expand their business to meet with the new demand causing them to collapse under the weight of their own success.

These are just some ways in which online businesses can fail and if you want to avoid a trip to the business graveyard then you should learn from the mistakes of the past.