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Proper SEO Placement Can Increase the Impact of Your Business Press Release

The way that search engine optimization affects web content is written and how it is ranked is constantly changing. Because search engines are always retooling how their software uses SEO, as a business owner, you should also remain aware of how these changes affect them as well. Understanding how to use SEO effectively is vital for any kind of internet content, especially when it comes to writing a press release. If you want your press release to be more visible to a targeted online audience, there are several practices you can use to get your message out there.

Using Keywords Effectively

One of the most common errors smaller business owners make when the first begin to create press releases is to overuse keywords and phrases. You may believe that the more keywords you use, the higher your page will rank on major search engines. However, when it comes to using SEO effectively, their placement within the text is much more important than the number of times you use them. In fact, if you overuse a keyword or keyword phrase, you are much more likely to be flagged for spam by any major search engine than you are to increase your ranking.

Keyword stuffing may cause your press release page to be flagged or removed from search engine results. If this happens, it may never reach your intended audience. This is why understanding how your SEO phrases affect how your content reaches your target audience through a search engine is vital for you as a business owner, especially when you write your own content.

Know Your Audience

The content of a press release is different than blog content, so before you write one, you should have an understanding of who your audience is. Is your press release about a new product for your business or a change to your website? In these instances, you are writing for two different readers: prospective customers and current ones. Understanding the difference can help you reach the right readers.

Knowing your audience may also help you understand which keywords can have the most impact. Take time to research keywords related to your business so your press release can increase the range of your message and its meaning. Try and stick to shorter keyword phrases so that you can really make them pop within your text.

Titles and Subtitles

One way to make your SEO keywords effective is to use them in both your title and the subtitles of your press release. Using them in the title and in these headers will not only draw attention to them, but if you use HTML headers, this can increase your SEO rankings on major search engines without having to worry about being flagged for keyword stuffing. If you want to learn more about HTML as it relates to business, consider looking into Northeastern’s online mba program.

One good rule of thumb is to break up a one-page press release with at least two sub-headers and include the keyword in at least one of them. If you plan to use any keyword phrases in your title, make sure that it sounds natural and flows easily with the rest of the words. While awkward keyword phrasing may not get your content flagged, your readers might notice it and may lead them to question whether the content is original.

Learning how to write a press release is vastly different from any other content you may have taught yourself to write in the past. The right kind of SEO phrases and keywords may not only give you wider exposure to a more diverse audience, but it can also raise your profits. Effectiveness, simplicity, and understanding your audience’s needs and wants are all vital for success.