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Shipping Done Securely, and Stress-free

In the cases when larger antiques and valuables have to be transported to a far away location, and it’s not something you can wrap up in a parcel and send of in the post, a courier services is something that can be of great value and assistance. Don’t be left with a load you can’t tote around, pick a courier company that will allow you to transport your goods securely, with no stress to yourself. Here are some of the benefits of using a courier service.

Value for Money

There is a competitive market out there when it comes to couriers. There are a range of reliable companies that are able to meet your needs and send your parcel without it breaking the bank. There’s no need to stick to the traditional delivery services whose prices are steep. With companies like Shiply, you can choose from a range of transport providers that will give you a quote that’s just right for you.

Swift and Simple

You don’t have to worry about a stack of paperwork to fill out in order for your request to go forward, or being handed a load of information that you don’t understand. With the development of couriers these days, it’s very simple to ship your items hassle-free. You can choose your time frame for when you want your delivery to arrive, if you require next day delivery then your needs can be met. Keep updated, with the whereabouts of your parcel, and when it arrives, via phone or email.

Rest Assured

You can be confident in your courier. With their being so many providing this service, companies are eager to make their business look good by receiving great reviews, and repeat custom. By making sure your courier is certified and recognized, you can almost be certain that they are reliable. You’ll also be able to  skim through a flood of feedback that will give you more reassurance when choosing your courier. If in the instance that there is any damage done to your goods during delivery, the courier will compensate, ensuring that no conflict is caused.

No Limits

This service is not one that’s only limited locally, but there are companies that will deliver regionally and internationally too. Don’t feel held back on your choice of destination to send your precious valuables, whether migrating to France or moving round the corner, you can get a service that will deliver right where you need it. 


With many couriers providing door-to-door service, you don’t even have to leave your house to get the delivery you desire. It can sometimes be quite inconvenient when you have to make time in your already so busy 9-5 to try and visit your local post office, especially with heavy goods. You don’t have to make that dreaded drive anymore, you can book online and have them meet you at your doorstep.

Get Free Quotes

So go and get your free quote today, there’s no harm in seeing what good deals you can pick up when you need to lug your large luggage.