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Stephen Varanko III: The 3 rules of a modern-day leader

There’s no doubt that the image of a leader has changed in the modern-day world. Once upon a time, it might have been a dominant male pulling a giant briefcase around, bellowing orders at the same time. Now, the opposite is quite often true.

One man who knows all about effective leadership and what it entails is Stephen Varanko III. He has lived through the various changes in perception that leaders have faced, and know what works in the modern-day business world. It’s for this reason that we have tapped into some of his knowledge, and found out the three rules which really make a true leader tick nowadays.

Rule #1 – Be brave and face challenges

This is one of the principle rules of being a leader and unlike some of the characteristics that we will take a look at, it’s not something that’s new. Instead, leaders have always shown acts of being brave and faced their challenges and one would assume that it’s never going to change.

There’s no doubt that the brave-factor is important here. Some aspiring leaders might be happy to always be in the public eye when there’s good news, but hide away when the opposite occurs. These leaders don’t gain respect from those around them – you have to face challenges head-on, regardless of how tough they might be.

Rule #2 – Don’t try and be someone else

Even though most leaders share very similar characteristics, there are still different types of leader out there. For example, we all know the “suit” leader. This is the leader which is always renowned for wearing a suit, and acting in a very corporate manner. Then, there is the less formal leader; the one which usually heads up the young tech companies.

Both types of leadership work in their own regard, but the trick is not trying to be something you’re not. In other words, you simply must be authentic. If your dress sense is usually out of the ordinary, don’t try and rock up in a suit just because you feel you need to in a bid to fit the stereotype. It’s not going to sit well with your employees, who will see straight through you and ultimately, not trust you.

Rule #3 – Be open to learning

While it’s true that some leaders are quite forceful with their ideas, there’s a difference between this and not being open to new things. The very best leaders out there are completely open to change – but only in the right circumstances. They are happy to adapt their way of thinking, or their way of implementing something, if it means doing the greater good for the business.

In short, they are inquisitive and naturally curious. If you are looking to become a leader, you must be the same. This might be by tapping into the knowledge of others, or maybe even simply reading the latest industry or business publications to help you progress.