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The Jay Eitner Website Gives Insight into Why the New Jersey Education System is so Successful

There is no more important aspect of our society than educating our children. They are the future and how well we educate them will decide whether our economy and Country thrives or languishes.

In the US with each state determines specifics about its education system there is a wide divergence in the quality of education given, and the success of students within their education systems. Many states have great challenges educating their children and often leave those children unprepared for higher education and an entry into the workforce. Other states do extraordinarily well at educating their kids. The differences between whether a state does well or not, is how they operate.

New Jersey who’s K through 12 students ranked third in the United States, has an unwavering commitment to educating young people. The states pins large amounts of money on the elements necessary to ensure that students are properly educated and prepared to have a successful life.

Eitner Education

For example, New Jersey is active in bringing outside education consultants who have proven and effective educational tools. A great example is Jay Eitner, a former teacher and now an administrator in the New Jersey public school system. Jay is also the founder and CEO of Eitner Education, an education services company that offers a variety of educational enhancements for the classroom, school and even the entire school district. They deliver tools through seminars, talks and materials that educators can implement immediately.  The Jay Eitner website gives great detail about the services the company offers and the reviews they have received from Educators in more than 37 states and Canada.

Better student-teacher interaction

The New Jersey school system knows that if a teacher and student have not developed a strong working relationship at the beginning of the school year things will slide during the year. The vast majority of students need lots of guidance as they navigate to education as well as their young lives. Distractions are abundant and teachers need to be aware of the personalities, strength, and weaknesses of each student so that they can recognize when a student is having challenges. Additionally, the student must feel comfortable enough to approach the teacher when he or she feels unable to tackle the school work. For this to occur the student must have a great working relationship with the teacher. Because the teacher is the adult in the room, the onus is placed on the teacher to make sure that the student stays on target.

New Jersey understands that schooling today must include and take into account student’s life outside of the classroom. This means being concerned about how things are going at home with their parents, as well as how are they are spending their time outside of school, and with whom. By taking on this approach the school system is able to recognize problems before they turn into situations that are difficult or impossible to manage. It also allows for the focus to be on education more, end to graduate students that are better educated and more mature.