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Tips to Make Your Website Stand Out

Anyone in the world who was ever involved in building a website, has definitely wanted it to stand out from other websites. Punters want to show up from the competition and leave a positive impression on possible customers; creators strive to compete with other designers and for originality; back-end designers fancy a success article in their portfolios, and a different-looking or original site can help with that!

For instance, if we take a look at Just Cash Bingo, it is one of UK’s most popular online bingo site for a reason. As soon as you open the site, you’ll find the description of the word ‘originality’. It is completely different compared to others and being a gaming site, it has almost everything that is needed to leave a favourable impression on its players or potential ones! Plus, the site has arranged all its games into an organised and wonderful way. If you are for example looking for a game, it’ll be hassle-free!

Layout and Structure

This is surely one of the more noticeable ways to distinguish your site from the rest. It’s also the most complicated. On the pro side, making use of a site structure or fancy layout which no one has ever seen before is instantaneously extraordinary. It can equally be a lot of fun. After making your fifty-second three-column site, adding up the outline offers a challenge for your visual plan skills and your front-end dev talents that can’t be outdone!


Branding is the other truly apparent way to make your site successful. On top of that, it’s easy! Just try to figure out what your customer’s branding plans are, and stick to them. You should be able to make your customer sick of seeing their own colours and logo. From there, you can tone it down a little, and you’re perfect to go!

Graphics and Imagery

You can use graphics or photos on your site, if the branding isn’t enough. This is to establish a distinct visual style. A lot of sites with big pictures do tend to alter more, after all. Individuals are visual beings, so visual stimuli can make it simpler for operators to connect with you on a sensitive level. Also, the stylistic possibilities are just about endless, which makes it simpler to generate an original-feeling design!

Text and Content

This is perhaps the most difficult – and sometimes the most important – way you can set yourself apart. What is stated on any site should and can be a reflection of the company culture or client’s personality, while still being clear. You can make use of microscopy, copy, and even ideas like video to interconnect personality in a means that sets you apart!


Animation is a massive deal nowadays, and for useful reason. When done right, it can take a reasonably nice experience and make it memorable! With the fierce competition from other websites nowadays, it is important to step up your game if you want your animation to stand out from everyone else’s. Sometimes, it can be very tough to get it right. But, this is the most challenging one! Bad animation can also cause performance problems, usability problems, etc…!

You may look around on the internet, and you’ll see that it’s very infrequent for any of these methods to be used alone. It’s justly normal for individuals to even try to combine all five! However, as usual, the best thing is not to split your focus too much!