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Top ways to ensure your start-up has the best customer service

Customer service can make or break a new business. If you don’t make sure that every access point to your company is consistent with your business beliefs, you could run into serious trouble from review sites and customer recommendations. It’s all well and good to set up your own business, but how do you ensure that customer service is kept to consistently high standards? Here are just a few ideas…

1. Become more accessible to your customers

When a customer hears your company name, the first thing they’re going to do is check you out on their favourite social media channels before heading over to your website. If you don’t have any designated pages then this is the first thing you must create if you want to build a reputation and become more available to your customers. Populate your platforms with useful content, offers and company developments and build your followers. Customers will then see you as up-to-date with current trends and a reliable brand.

2. Set up a response best practice

Using social media to respond to queries and complaints is quick, easy and efficient, but it must be monitored and maintained every day just like any other area of your business. In fact, it should be given even more attention, as it’s your brand name at stake. Create a set of principles for your staff to stick to with regard social responses; for example, impose time limits on all responses, be it an hour or a day relative to your business and how many people are on your team. Be sure to rotate your staff in shifts, and ensure that detailed handovers are left across employees.

3. Never shy away from problems

You should never see complaints online as something to be feared; they’re simply frustrated individuals who want answers, so don’t ignore them or they’ll tell everyone they know about their bad experience. Instead, tackle it head on and never delete a complaint – this gives the impression that you have something to hide. Customers will be used to seeing complaints on other pages and like to see how they’re handled, and will be suspicious if yours is lacking in this area. Try to answer queries as quickly as possible, but if it requires further research, explain the situation and ask them to move over to direct messaging.

4. Use reliable delivery services

Finally, the one area that’s likely to cause you a whole host of problems is delivery. Be it items not turning up, whole pallets going missing or otherwise, it’s vital that you establish a strong relationship with reliable delivery services. Most companies are under the impression this must be expensive, but this is far from the case. In fact, you can find many cheap pallet delivery services for all manner of deliveries, ensuring the best customer service at all time, even across countries. For smaller deliveries, look to courier networks instead.

Do you have any more tips for good customer service?