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Your Restaurant Will Never Be Empty If You Follow These Review Tips

What are the biggest factors when picking a restaurant for dinner? It depends on what we want to eat there. However, would not it be amazing going to our favorite restaurant and find it empty?

Just imagine having the greatest restaurant service you could ever think of and have it all for yourself. In fact, it is funny: when we know about a good food business, we hope it is empty so we do not have to wait too long to order. On the other hand, when trying to experience new restaurants, we love seeing them crowded — that means it has to be a good one.


As we do in any business, everything starts with understanding our customer, which is not that hard. We have all been in different restaurants. By just remembering the pros and cons of every experience we can find out ways to increase our rating.

Here are some valuable points of interest:

  • Appearance: We hate saying it, but people don’t care about the best restaurant in the world if such an establishment doesn’t look compelling, clean and comfortable. People have spent so much time dealing with bad restaurants that they don’t have time to waste with businesses that look like bad restaurants.
  • Quality: When we have a good appearance, we need to give our best in serving high-quality meals, especially when talking about small businesses. This is the golden rule of any restaurant.
  • Authority: Having collections of awards that you have won, kept in a visible place for customers, is a huge indicator that your restaurant is very good. EDCO Awards & Specialtiescan help you make customers take you seriously while decorating your space.
  • Speed: What is the point of being a 5-star restaurant if no one can enjoy the service? If you don’t want to get people upset, leave your restaurant and leave bad reviews, always make sure to deliver fast to every table. This is even more important when cleaning those tables and dealing with the ordering queue.
  • Online Presence: This is highly valuable for young customers which are usually the ones that make the reviews. Keep it simple by having a website where they can know the hours of your restaurant, your phone number, and making reservations. Everything else is unnecessary.
  • Creativity: Don’t forget to reward recurring customers and their friends with discounts for their next visits.


The fact is, we want to enjoy good experiences together. We are not looking to lose our time with poor quality service, waiting for hours, looking for parking, or paying too much for too little. We want the best option available.

Luckily, people’s acceptance can be a great indicator of restaurant success — the more positive restaurant reviews a place has the more likely new visitors are to go there.

There are many angles, details, and situations to analyze to know whether we are talking about a 5-star restaurant or a 1-star local. Of course, you can go there and test it — even by taking a look at its appearance is more than enough to determine with reasonable accuracy the service quality — if you want to spend your time looking for good options.

The reality is it is not easy to find a 5-star restaurant unless you see what people do. Usually, the best restaurants are the ones that attract 90% of the clients. People go to their websites and Google Maps and leave reviews, their photos and opinions with new potential customers.

Therefore, if a business has enough good reviews, you can also attract hundreds of customers. However, it is not as simple as faking it — customers judge your work quality. Don’t tell them you are amazing; let them know by your actions and products.

If we take two identical restaurants, people’s reviews make the difference between bankruptcy and massive success. We want to make people love our restaurant.

When was the last time the waiter asked you for your email? Almost no one is doing this, even though it is very easy and beneficial. Email lists allow the restaurant to inform customers about events, send gifts, discounts, and build trust. This brings amazed customers and 5-star reviews.