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4 Ways To Make Your House Feel More Homely

Just because a property looks interesting that doesn’t mean that it is a homely place to be. The most ‘box-like’ of properties can be the most wonderful of homes when their owners or tenants look after them and make them a wonderful place to come back to after a hard day at work. You really want to make the place you live feel welcoming as soon as you walk through the door. Here are some great ways to do it.

Look At Your Windows

You may not pay that much attention to your windows other than looking out of them (or into them) as you go past, but they really do need to be on your agenda if you want to make your home more comfortable. If the drapes and blinds have been there since you moved in and were the previous occupants’, take them down and put something up that reflects your own style instead. You might even want to try making your own. It’s also important to keep your windows nice and clean as this shows how well you look after your home in general.


Hanging photos up on the walls or placing them on windowsills and shelving is also something that always makes a house more homely. Pick fun, candid images that really sum up your own personality and how much your family, friends, or even pets mean to you. You’ll probably store all of your images on a computer rather than having them to hand, so you’ll need to print them out and choose the right frames for them. Remember to keep your images safe, but if the worst were to happen and you lost them, a company such as Secure Data Recovery would be able to help you out.

Make It Smell Nice

If you try to imagine all the places you felt most welcome in your life, it’s likely that there will be a distinctive smell associated with them. Perhaps even now you can smell that scent and be instantly transported back there, to a happy, secure, homely kind of place. That’s why making your own home smell good is important – your friends and family, especially your children, will have the same experience as you when they smell something that reminds them of your home, making them remember the good times.

Air fresheners, scented candles, and incense sticks will all help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Alternatively, simply being in the home and using it as it is meant to be used will also create some lovely scents. Take baking, for example; that will always make the house smell wonderful, as will freshly arranged bouquets of flowers.

Indoor Plants

Plants really do help to make a house look homely. You might like to opt for flowers as mentioned above (they do have the added benefit of a lovely smell), or, if you like something more permanent, indoor house plants can be ideal. Make sure you know where to place them so that they can thrive and they will certainly make your home much more appealing.