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Different wood floorings

You simply can’t go wrong with wood flooring. All types of hardwood flooring have a certain beauty about them, a grandeur that other floors just can’t offer. There’s something for everyone, ranging from modern and traditional, to country and vintage. It can go in any room, and can provide the coldest of winter days, with a little bit of summer warmth and glow.

There are a number of finishes, will start with unfinished. Unfinished wood allows you to add your own gloss over the top. If you opt to go for a finished wood, it’s likely to come as either lacquered or oiled. Both have their benefits, but both also have their downsides. The protection on oiled runs deep to the core of the wood, as opposed to lacquered which comes as more of a gloss finish, as it is mainly surface protection. Lacquered has far more water resistance, with the nature of the oiled finish soaking the water in, so it can leave water marks and damage behind. Both have their benefits, and it is more down to personal choice if anything!

There are two main types of wood flooring, engineered wood and solid wood. Solid wood is exactly what the name suggests, it’s a solid plank of wood, designed and sanded down to fit into a home. Engineered however is a constructed of core boards, and layers and layers of ply held together. The boards are then topped with solid wood to give off the same design.

Solid is generally the stronger of the two, and can be sanded and refinished of a number of occasions. It’s also suitable for areas of high footfall, and is usually more suited in living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas. Engineered on the other hand is suitable for underfloor heating, and won’t damage easily in light wet conditions. It is most suited in kitchens and living rooms.

So the question is, which is the best wood flooring for your house? Unfortunately, there is no real answer for that question! It’s all down to personal choice. All finishes, and all wood types have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s definitely worth doing your research before you make that final important decision!