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How to Create a Spacious Nursery in a Tiny Home

Having a baby requires a lot of adjustments at home. If you live in a tiny home, there’s no need to move to a bigger one right away. If you’re browsing real estate & homes for sale in Laval but need to make your space work just for a little longer here are some great tips to maximize the space that you have at home and create a beautiful nursery for your little one.

  1. Place baby supplies such as diapers, baby wipes and even clothes in a storage box and put it under the crib or bed. It is a great way to save space and keep boxes out of sight.
  2. Instead of having a tv stand, get multi-purpose furniture such as a dresser. You can still use it as a tv stand and also use the drawers to keep your baby’s clothes.
  3. You can also use the top of the dresser as a changing table. Use the top drawer to store the diapers and baby wipes for easy access.
  4. If the drawers are full, mount a board on the wall for your diaper supplies. Place it on top of the changing table for easier access.
  5. Choose decorative pieces that are functional. For instance, get a cute rack where you can hang your baby’s clothes and can make the room brighter too.
  6. Using the Murphy bed as an inspiration, have a fold down changing table installed to save space.
  7. If installation is not an option, opt for a foldable changing table instead so that you can put it away when not is use.
  8. If you have limited space, get a mini crib instead of a full sized one.
  9. Another way to maximize storage is to get a crib with a built-in changing table and additional drawers to store other baby supplies.
  10. If there is a closet in the room that is not being used, use the space to place your crib in.
  11. You can still use the closet though, by hanging the clothes on the wall.
  12. Make use of vertical space by using storage items that are tall instead of wide.
  13. Use a hanging laundry bag instead of a laundry hamper to save some floor space.
  14. Since baby clothes are small, have two rods installed in your closet to hang twice as many clothes.
  15. Instead of a traditional stroller, use an extra collapsible one since it is less bulky and takes up lesser space.
  16. Maximize space by hanging your stroller on the back of the door, instead of using up floor space.
  17. To open up more room, remove the doors of the closet. Doing so also makes the room feel less cramped.
  18. Once your baby can sit and eat on his own, use clip-on high chairs instead of bulky high chairs.
  19. Like high chairs, rocking chairs can also take up a lot of space, so choose something small.
  20. It is okay to push furniture closer together to save space. Just make sure that you place the crib in a safe place, away from anything that might fall.
  21. Placing rollers on the crib is another great idea so that you can move it easily. It also allows more flexibility in terms of space.
  22. Your baby will probably have so many toys in a span of a few months so make sure that you have enough storage space. Use a toy hammock so that the floor will be kept uncluttered. It can also help keep the toys clean from dirt on the floor.
  23. If you do not have an extra room for a nursery, decorate a corner of your bedroom with a baby theme to make it look like an extension of your room.
  24. A pocket shoe organizer which can be placed on the door is a great way to store not only shoes, but other baby items as well.
  25. If you want a baby swing, get the travel sized one instead of the standard size. It functions the same but a lot smaller and space saver.