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How to Prepare Your Home and Family for Summer


With Summer well on its way, there are many things you need to think about before you are ready to welcome the sun. You have to get your home and garden ready, find the right clothing for you and the family, and make sure your pets are prepared for the hot weather. If you are struggling for ideas to get your family ready, then here are a few tips to help you.

Prepare Your Heating and Cooling System

In the hot weather, you will probably be using your air conditioning a lot, especially if you have children in the house as you want to keep it cool for them. However, you probably turned off your air conditioning over winter, so you need to get it ready again. Hopefully, you would have had it serviced last year, so you know it will be in working order. However, if you didn’t do it, then it’s important for you to get an engineer to give it a service and prepare it for the coming summer months. It is far more practical to do this now rather than leave it until it breaks down.

Install Heat Reducing Film on the Windows

As much as 30 percent of the heat coming into your home is through the windows. The sun shining on the windows themselves will heat up a room quickly. It means you will need to use your air conditioner more to compensate, and you don’t want to close the curtains and block out the light. As an alternative, why not install some heat-resistant film to your windows. It will reflect some of the sun and stop the heat from coming through the window, but, without stopping the light. It also has the added benefit of helping to keep the heat in the house over the winter. It will save your energy bills all year round, so could be a useful addition.

Install Ceiling Fans

If you don’t have air conditioning, then the next best option would be to have ceiling fans installed. You can get them in a variety of designs, and they often come with lights fitted as well. You will need to find out which size fan you need for each room, as one that’s too small won’t be effective. These fans also have a dual role all year round; you can have them cooling the room in the summer and moving the warm air around in the winter. It works by enabling the fans to spin in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. It will move the air in different directions depending on what you need.

Plant Some Greenery

Another way to prepare your home and garden for the summer is to start planting some greenery near the windows outside. Planting trees and shrubbery will help to shade the windows from the sun and keep out the worst of the heat. They can also help you to protect lower ground windows from people trying to get into the house. If there are shrubs or trees in the way, it will make it much more difficult. You have the bonus of having something nice to look at from your windows. While you are in the garden, you should also collect all the dead leaves and dead plants and remove them. It will give the plants, more room to grow and it will make the garden look nice.

Prepare for Outdoor Living

One of the best parts of summer is the ability to spend more time outside enjoying the sun and the warm evenings. However, to be able to do that, you need to have the outdoor space ready. If you already have a patio area, then you need to give it a clean and sweep away all the dead leaves and other dirt that has accumulated over the winter. You also want to repair any broken slabs or split wood so that it is safe to use. After that is finished, you need to get your outdoor chairs out of storage and give them a clean ready for the guests over the summer. The barbeque is another thing that needs to be cleaned and tested before the cooking begins. Make sure the pipes are still secure and undamaged, and that you have enough gas to last you for a while at least.

Make Your Pets Comfortable

As the weather starts to hot up, your animals can start to feel more uncomfortable. Most animals such as cats and dogs, prefer to be cool because of their fur, so you should try to give them a place to cool down and relax. On the outside, it is a good idea to have some shade where your animals can go in the daytime, especially if they are out of the house all day. Place some water and food in the shade as well, so they don’t get dehydrated. For dogs, you can also get them pet cooling vests for dogs; they are great for when you are taking your dog for a walk in the heat. They keep your dog from overheating, and it also protects them from the sun.

Selecting Your Summer Wardrobe

After a cold, long winter, you can finally get your winter clothes and put them back into storage for another year. Set aside a few boxes for your clothes so that you can interchange them between the seasons. It is also a good excuse to start looking around for some summer clothes for you and your family. You can start by selling or recycling your kids old summer clothes if they no longer fit. You can then put the money towards new clothes for this year, or perhaps you can use the old material to make something new? You can also do the same with your clothes if you fancy something different this year. Pick light fabrics like cotton that won’t be too much in the sun; you can also go for the specialist clothing made from breathable materials.