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Inexpensive Ways to Update an Old House

Image Credit: Pixabay

We’ve all seen some extremely old and dilapidated homes in our time. These homes look nothing like brand new Detroit homes for sale and instead look run-down and abandoned. Although remodeling is typically very expensive, there are some ways that you can renovate an old home without breaking the bank. These methods can allow you to make an old home appear newer and more modern, without costing you lots of money. So what are these great budget remodeling options? Here are some inexpensive ways to update an old house.

New Paint

When it comes to inexpensive home projects, a new paint job is king. Slapping on a new coat of paint can do wonders for a home, especially one’s whose walls are old and deteriorating. However, even though new paint can be an extremely effective way of updating a house, it isn’t that expensive. Paint doesn’t cost that much money, meaning you should have no trouble securing enough to paint a home. On top of it all, painting requires little to no DIY experience, and is a project you can tackle by yourself. If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to update an old house, then you definitely should consider repainting.

Upgrade Appliances

Another way to improve an old home and make it appear more modern is by upgrading all of the home’s appliances. You may think that upgrading appliances is a very expensive task, but it isn’t that much. Old homes likely have old appliances that are extremely energy inefficient. As a result, the home’s energy bill is likely extremely high, as inefficient appliances will use up a ton of energy. Getting new appliances will give the home a much more sleek and modern feel, while also lowering the home’s energy bill. As a result, you may be paying lots of money upfront for new appliances, but they will become inexpensive over time as you save lots of money on your future energy bills.

Get New Outlet Covers

One of the cheapest ways to renovate an older home is to get new outlet covers. Outlet covers aren’t that important when for interior design, but they still can affect how a home looks. In an old home, the outlet covers are likely either worn out or dirty, giving off a negative appearance. Replacing these covers is extremely cheap, only costing a few dollars, and can go a long way in eliminating the appearance of age and unkemptness. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of design, but replacing outlet covers can be a way to improve an old home’s appearance even if you have the strictest of budgets.


Something is extremely important for a home is its exterior design and curb appeal. A home’s exterior and front yard is likely the first thing people will see, and if it is messy and unkempt, they’ll have a negative first impression. This negative first impression can cause visitors to view the rest of the home in a much more negative light. You want to avoid this at all costs, and the only way to do that is by sprucing up the home’s curb appeal with some landscaping. It doesn’t cost much money to plant some flowers outside a home and maintain the lawn and shrubbery that is already there. With just a few tools and supplies, you can make an old home’s front lawn, and curb appeal look absolutely fantastic, something that paints the rest of the home in a much more positive light.