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Does Your Property Have Chinese Drywall?


The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission regularly receives complaints about a variety of construction problems. Some 2,000 individuals across 30 different states have complained about so-called ‘Chinese drywall’, which has damaged their homes. Indeed, for drywall professionals such as Lloyd Claycomb II, Chinese drywall problems are one of the key reasons why people call them for help.

How to Identify Chinese Drywall

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific and definitive test that can be completed to determine whether or not you have Chinese drywall. However, there are plenty of indicators to look for. These methods will give you a greater understanding of the type of drywall that you have, and whether or not it is toxic. Some common signs include:

  1. The majority of people in homes with Chinese drywall will complain of a ‘rotten egg’ smell in the home. If you find that there is such a smell around in your property, then you may want to look into your drywall.
  2. Metal wiring and other forms of metals often start to corrode or be tarnished. The drywall emits gasses that affect any metal compounds. Copper wires, for instance, start to go a really dull, black color. If you remove a faceplate from one of the outlets in your home, you should look for the ground wire and see whether it is black.
  3. The coils in your air conditioning are made of copper. These also start to go a dull black, because the drywall starts to corrode it. You may have noticed that your air conditioning unit breaks down or needs fixing more often than you would expect. This is because the corrosion can happen in just a few months.
  4. You may live in a property where you can see the back of the drywall, in which case you may see a ‘Made in China’ label. However, it is very rare for this to happen.

What Is Chinese Drywall?

Chinese drywall, as the name suggests, is made in China. You can recognize it by the fact that its color is slightly different from drywall made in this country. Instead of the white color that is common here, Chinese drywall has a slightly gray tint to it. Chinese drywall is of very poor quality and it will quickly start to pit and tarnish any metal fixtures that it comes into contact with.

If you notice any of the above signs, then you might be right in thinking that you have Chinese drywall. You might also notice a burning sensation in the back of your throat or in your eyes. It is vital, if you think that you have Chinese drywall, that you contact a professional company. This type of drywall is, in fact, toxic, and must therefore be removed. In fact, there are now numerous legal cases against manufacturers in relation to Chinese drywall, and you need to avoid being the next one needing compensation damages. Have it checked out, have it removed, and have it replaced.