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Seven Ways To Make A Home More Welcoming

Atmosphere is the central element to interiors. Although it cannot be touched, it can definitely be felt. The general atmosphere of your home says a lot about who you are as a host and as a person in general. Even though you cannot put your finger on it and name exactly what is missing from your home, you can feel that you need to add something to make it a bit more welcoming. The atmosphere of your home is the main element that differentiates a great home from a regular one, plus it makes your guests stay over for as long as possible. The real question is how to get it, or how to improve your home and make it more welcoming?

Fortunately, the answer is quite simple. A calming, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere can be obtained by making some slight changes to your existing place. However, there is no right or wrong way of doing that. Everyone has to implement changes that they feel suitable for their home and compliment the rest of the design. Below there are a few adjustment ideas that you could make in order to find the unique, sophisticated and magic atmosphere of your home.

Start with the Front Entry

One of the first impressions that people get when they visit your home is as soon as they walk through the front door. Considering that it only takes a few seconds to make an impression on something, you need to add some little touches to make the front entry as welcoming and comfortable as possible. A beautiful mirror, a special clock or a lovely rug will allow you to make your hallway more comfortable and inviting for you and your guests as well. You don’t have to break the bank to get amazing results. It is all about style, uniqueness and a bit of personal taste.

Solve the Shoe Dilemma

Guests who are well-mannered will always take their shoes off when they enter your home. Yet, that is not the case for home parties. Having a pile of shoes next to your door could be avoided. Nonetheless, where there are only a couple of friends visiting, they need to know where to place their shoes and maybe even get slippers that they can wear around the house. This aspect usually depends on your preference, but it is better to prepare a small basket where they can place their shoes or at least a small rug.

Evaluate Your Lighting

Another element that is just as important when it comes to making a home more welcoming is obviously lighting. It plays a critical role because a home without lighting is simply impractical. Thus, you need to make sure your lighting matches the needs of your home. Guests will also appreciate your lighting choice. A home that has good light is both safe and welcoming. Obscure lighting it not the best pick for the kitchen while bright lights are not that great for a living room. Try to find a good balance between the two. By introducing a fancy chandelier in the living room you can create a focus point. All rooms need a focus point, especially rooms where your guests get access to.

Make sure Your Place is Comfortable

There are so many ways of checking whether your home is comfortable enough. First and foremost, check the seating. No one wants to sit on a sofa that has a bunch of sharp edges and hard materials no matter how sophisticated it looks. Opt for comfort when picking your sofa instead of focusing mainly on the aspect. Add a coffee table or a couple of stools where your guests can place their items. Keep the whole place clean and organized. After all, there is no better way of making a home comfortable than by keeping it clean. Avoid keeping too many items that are not necessary in your home. Keep the floor clean all the time and bring mirrors back to life. You can find a lot of great cleaning products that satisfy your needs on Neatspiration.

Encourage Conversation

When arranging your furniture, think of how it could affect your conversations with your guest. If the seating options are too far away you won’t be able to discuss properly. People want to feel welcome in your home but you need to prove that you are a good host by being able to keep a conversation flowing. If you need to shout or if you feel suffocated by one another you won’t be able to do that.  Get rid of elements that block the view because they destroy conversation. It might be difficult, but you have to find the ideal balance.

Utilize Flowers

In order to make your home more welcoming and add a touch of subtle perfume you could count of flowers. Instead of only using a small bouquet of fresh cut flowers in your living room, you could try adding a second one to your bathroom. It is very likely that your guests will visit that room during their stay and even a small vase of flowers will make them feel comfortable, just like they would feel at home. The great thing about flowers is that they last for about two weeks then you can replace them with another bouquet. You can grow them in your garden or purchase them from the local supermarket.

Use Aromatherapy

Most guests tend to feel more welcomed in your home if you use aromatherapy. You definitely have a vivid memory of the last time you visited someone’s home and it had an amazing smell to it, so will your guests if you make sure to play with their senses. Back in the day people had a real passion for everything of spring rain or fresh linen. However, these days people tend to gravitate toward scents that include hints of wood or musk. They are more slick and subtle. In any case, you need to choose a scent that describes your home while keeping it subtle.

Creating a welcoming home is not that complicated at all – it only takes a little time, inspiration and attention to detail.