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The 6 Most Common Household Pests

Whether you are living in an urban area, or in the suburbs, or perhaps in a rural area, pests are a common household problem. Generally, pests come in all forms from rodents, cockroaches, and ants to only name a few. Today, we will discuss the six most common household pests and how to combat them.


Rodents are one the most invasive pests any household can encounter. If left uncontrolled, rodents can do extensive damage to your home and your well-being. Some examples include damages to electrical wiring, damages to your belongings, and gnawing at your brand-new bath towels. On top of the damages, waste that rodents leave behind, such as their droppings, can lead to serious health conditions.

DIY approach: If you spot a few rodents here and there outside your home but around your property, you may be able to run to the store to purchase pest control products. Rodent traps and pesticides are normally effective in controlling a limited infestation.

Professional: If you find that you are seeing rodents inside your home, you may have to contact a professional pest control service such as They will be able to assess the infestation and be able to get into nooks and crannies of your home that you may not be able to reach.


Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in a household. Similar to rodents in that they can spread and multiply and can be difficult to control once infestation sets in. Cockroaches may not do as much damage around the home as rodents, however, they can still damage electronics and other components that they may be able to get into. Health concerns are also an issue with cockroaches. Cockroaches can harbor a variety of diseases and bacteria, including typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery, to only name a few.

DIY approach: Sanitation and cleaning around your home to free it from food scraps can help reduce infestation. Normally, you can purchase bug sprays as well as traps to get in control of the infestation.

Professional: if you find that the pest control products purchased from the store prove to be ineffective, you might have a more serious problem. Perhaps you find that the infestation has spread to your entire your home. Calling a professional pest control service will ensure the eradication of the infestation.


These pests not only can cause damage but they are also extremely annoying. Like cockroaches, ants can also do damage to items they may able to hide and live in. Many people have encountered the painful stings or bites from ants. Once bitten or stung, you will find that your skin immediately becomes red and you feel a burning and extremely itchy sensation. This can be extremely harmful to those who are allergic to their bites or stings.

DIY approach: As with any bug or insect, you can purchase pesticides at your local store. Some use a “chalk-like” pesticide that proves to be effective but does not last very long.

Professional: It is recommended to hire a professional pest control service when you notice ants have spread throughout your home. If you are extremely allergic to ants, calling a professional can guarantee a remedy that is effective with lasting effects.


Annoying pests that fly around your home, flies are more of an annoyance than anything else. Although they may not do any damage to your home or belongings directly, damage can occur inadvertently when trying to get rid of them. House flies can also carry diseases and can be hazardous to your health. Like the cockroach, they too can carry diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, and diarrhea.

DIY approach: Sanitation is the best way to reduce infestation for this type of pest. Remove food and other debris immediately so that the odor and waste do not attract flies. Otherwise, bug sprays and the good old fly swatter will do the trick.

Professional: It may sound like you’re going overboard by hiring a professional pest control service for just flies. However, using a professional will not only get rid of the flies they will also ensure that they do not return. This will give you your peace of mind back.


Annoying and painful, mosquitoes are a common pest in households and just about anywhere you go, especially during the warm seasons. Doing more harm than damage, a mosquito’s bite can be quite annoying but can also bring diseases like malaria and West-Nile.

DIY approach: Wearing insect repellent is best with these pests. You can purchase sprays or lotion-based insect repellents at your local store. Also, clearing debris and any stagnant water around your home can prevent harboring mosquitoes.

Professional: If you find that you have contracted a disease because of mosquitoes, it is certainly time to call a professional pest control service.


Last on our list is the common termite. Termites can do great damage in and around your home. In some cases, the damages can be so extensive that the entire home may deem to be too dangerous to still live in. They can do damage to the foundation and wood structures around your home.

DIY approach: Head over to the local hardware store to purchase pest control products specifically for termites. Some pesticides can be chemically strong so be wary and make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

Professional: Many use a professional pest control service and for good reason. As previously mentioned, termites can do extensive damage to your home. Hiring a professional will ensure they cover every inch of your home to free your home from infestation and further damage.

These are only six common household pests. Whichever pests you have, consider using a professional pest control service to maintain a beautiful, pest-free, and safe home.