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The Ins and Outs of Creating a Perfect Experience with Your Interior Designer

For those who have never worked with an interior designer, they may be excited about the prospect of a new set of eyes coming in to elevate their project. Or on the other hand, someone who likes full control may be slightly nervous about it. When you choose to hire interior designer services for the first time, you’ll be exposed to a game changing new way to elevate the style of your room in a way you didn’t think to before. This should be a pleasant experience, so to avoid all the intimidation or stress that may come with hiring outside help, here are some tips from our Decor Aid interior design experts on what you can expect when working with an interior designer.

The most important thing is to have realistic expectations about the cost of the project, the timeline, and the result. If you are working with a minimal budget, even with the best interior designer you can’t expect to have a grand palatial renovation. The amount of time, effort, and funds you put in will likely be what you get out of it. Be diligent when crafting your budget and clearly explain your limits to your interior decorator so that they can bet a better grasp on what kinds of pieces to source for the project. You’ll also want to hire interior designer services based on what someone can do with your budget, and get the most bang for your buck with.

You should also be realistic about the time it takes to complete your project, as a design with quite a bit of renovation involved will take a lot longer than simply throwing a coat of paint on and ordering some new furniture. Take time to consider the delivery time for certain pieces, as this can extend the life of your project, too.

This should be a collaboration between you and the designer. For the best experience, no one person should dictate the entire design, not even you. While the interior decorator will inherently have their own taste, quirks, or practices, they should be able to be flexible and adapt these things to what you are looking for specifically. You should be on the same page. And while you may have a very specific idea in mind, remember that your interior designer consultant is well trained in the subject and has years of experience, so they likely know better in most situations.

You should be able to express your necessities and non-negotiables, but still give your designer some freedom to explore and expand on what you want. After all, the best interior designer is not just a vessel to do exactly what you say— they were hired to collaborate and use their expertise and knowledge to create a fully realized design in ways you can’t, making this a collaborative experience.

Put your trust in your interior designer and give them the freedom to improvise with your style and ideas. Sometimes they may even know your style better than you do. They should be able to make your ideas into something tangible, and bridge the gap between what you want and what you have. The interior decorator should have a connection to the client’s style and taste.

When you hire interior designer services you are placing your ideas in their hands.

someone to reinterpret your vision, so it’s important you like them and their style. An interior designer that works at a different pace than you, has a different attitude or work ethic may not be ideal, so be sure to vet different designers and conduct consultations so that you can get a preview of what is to come if you hire interior designer services from them. You should be on the same page and be communicative in order to ensure the best result.

Learn to be direct when you communicate. The whole process should be seamless as long as there is excellent communication between both you and the interior decorator. Many find they have trouble saying they do not like something, so don’t feel as though you would be hurting your interior designer’s feelings. Even the best interior designer has clients that don’t like an initial idea. After all, this is your space that you will be paying for and living in, so a lot is at stake. The designer also knows that in order to have a good experience with the client they need to be able to deliver what the client wants, so don’t hold back. When a client can make a clear decision, it makes their job much easier and gives them a solid opinion to work off of.

At the same time, you should be flexible. If your interior designer consultant tells you something is not possible with your current design, budget, or timeline, they have the experience to know that it is true. Be open to alternatives and new ideas. Sometimes your interior designer consultant will propose something you have never seen before, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. When you stray from the traditional, you will allow yourself to be surprised. The best interior designer for you will combine all these things into an excellent design.