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The Perfect Checklist to Buy the Best Electric Shower in the Market

As the world is progressing toward smart technologies to provide optimal solutions, electric showers have emerged as a winner over traditional water heating systems. Everyone wants to conserve energy and use as less electricity as possible. It cuts down the global warming factors as well as your monthly budget on power consumption. At the very beginning, people used to heat up water using immersion rods to have a warm bath. Then came geysers which are definitely more efficient and better than immersion rods but they are not the ultimate ones. Electric showers are completely replacing geysers or other water heating systems for having a warm bath at any point of time in a day. They are power and water efficient and only heats as much water as your need instantly without any delay. You need to go through electric shower guide like to understand the complete process and choose the best electric shower for your bathroom.

Features To Look For In An Electric Shower

Finding the ideal electric show could be a little tricky because almost all the basic features in electric showers of popular companies are same. Therefore, it is better to refer and read some best electric shower guide to understand the different features and technical specifications one needs to go through before finalizing the best one. Here are some of the features you must definitely look for.

  • Limescale Protection– This is a technical specification that common people are unlikely to know. Limescale builds up in the shower over the time and it leads to complete breakdown of the appliance. Therefore, you should buy only those that offers a protection from it so that your electric shower lasts long and provides the best performance.
  • Water Thrust or Flow– A shower is not good enough if its water thrust is not up to the mark. Therefore, you should compare the water thrust in different products to understand the optimal level and whether your selected ones are above the optimal level or not. Some electric showers use air induction to increase the thrust by 30%.
  • Controls– Controls are very important even though all have the basic controls. There must be a regulator to increase and decrease the temperature as per will. Only high, low and medium buttons won’t do.  Setting precise temperature matters a lot. You should also be able to control the water thrust or flow with high and low buttons.
  • Safety and Reliability– Safety should be one of the major concerns because you have to handle the switches with wet hands. It must be shock–proof and the company must be reliable who has the history of providing durable electric showers.
  • Space Required– Different electric showers have different sizes and space requirements. Therefore, you need to measure the space you have in your bathroom to fit the shower and buy accordingly.

Needless to say that the price must be within affordable range and it should be replaceable just in case you want to upgrade or install something new in future. Installation must be easy without breaking down the wall significantly and there must be multiple years guarantee.