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Three unique ways to personalise your home

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Now that the festive season is over, do you feel like your home is missing something? From the moment I take down my trinkets and baubles, our space just feels so dull and bare. If you’re like me, and you’re looking for ways to add a little more personality to your home now that the Christmas decorations have all been packed away, then you’ve come to the right blog post. Here are just a few ways that you can add a touch more vibrancy to your surroundings whilst we get through the winter months.

1. Quirky collages

One of my favourite things about Christmas decorating is that it’s an excuse to hang things on the walls where you never would before, like stringing cards across a wall or decking mirrors with holly and mistletoe. Now that that’s all gone, I feel that the walls are just too plain, and I’ve opted for some quirky collages.

One the one hand, you can be quite traditional and buy a large frame with multiple slots for photographs, but a cool new way of doing collages is to attach lengths of coloured string to a wall, in keeping with your décor, and clip photographs onto them. Not only does it create a unique piece of wall art, but it also reminds you of friends and family every day. You can change these as often as you like too, so my top tip here is to stock up on materials like ink and photo card paper for the year so you have a regular supply, from a company like Cartridge People.

2. Add some colour

While your new piece of photographic art will add personality to a space with all those happy memories, the dark and cold nights of winter often leave a room looking very dismal. For this, a splash of colour in the right places will work wonders.

First of all, consider what colour scheme you already have in your space; if it’s more browns and creams, then tones of green or shades of orange will work well to brighten up a room. If you’ve gone down the grey and white or black route instead, then cobalt blues or soft purples will add a luxurious feel to a room instead. You don’t have to redecorate, just add accessories and soft furnishings, such as lamps, vases, cushions and rugs, to bring out a new dimension in your space.

3. Bring the outdoors, indoors

You would be amazed at the difference that adding plantlife can do to a room, not only in terms of interior design, but the way it makes you feel. On the one hand, bringing natural textures and colours from outdoors, such as the use of wood and winter pot plants around the room, will create a warmer, cosier environment.

On the other hand, plants have a lot of health benefits, such as adding oxygen to a room and removing impurities, which is especially important during the flu season.

How do you personalise your family home?