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Tips on Giving Your Home a Budget Makeover


Decorating can cost an awful lot of money and it was for this reason that I put off doing it for a year or so after investing in my new house. Around 6 months however I was watching an interview with Chairman of Restoration Hardware, Gary G Friedman who was talking about budget makeovers. Perviously I had kind of had it in my head that a budget makeover probably wouldn’t look very good, but after some researching online, I realized how wrong I was. I set about the massive project of giving my house a makeover and managed to finish just in time for the holiday season. If you are looking to give your home a makeover on a budget, here is how I did mine.

One at a Time

I quickly worked out that from both a time and a financial perspective, I could only really achieve one room at a time, perhaps with a month break in between each one to save up some money. The key I found was to start with the rooms that you use the most such as the kitchen, the living room and your bedroom. Once you have completed these rooms the house will already feel completely transformed, and inspire you to do the other rooms too.

Doing it Yourself

DIY was not something that I was ever a fan of in the past but once you start trying to doing something like this on a budget, you quickly realize that paying for a professional simply is not possible. With this in mind then, I decided to save my money and invest my time in redecorating the house, something which I eventually found quite fun. There is also a massive sense of achievement when you look around your home and you know that it was styles and designed by your own hands.

Online Hacks

Some of the best ideas that found for redecorating on a budget came from social media like Facebook groups and Pinterest, especially the ‘hacks’ categories. In an effort to keep costs down, people from all over the world have come up with unique and interesting style ideas which you can use in your own home. Some of the up-cycled furniture which I found online where somewhat questionable, but in the main you will find some brilliant ideas on how you can transform your home without blowing your budget.

Future Plans

Whilst I actually did it by accident, I have realized that planning how each room will look from the outset, is a very smart way of doing things. The reason of this is because you may very well see offers and promotions on stuff that you will use for a room in the future, and you can pick it up now for a great price. I did my bathroom in a marine style and 4 months beforehand I was in a thrift shop and picked up some great stuff to adorn it with. Planning ahead can really help you save some cash.

What tips do you have for decorating on a budget? Let us know in the comments below.