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Why a Clean & Comfortable Office is More Productive

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We’re all used to keeping our homes clean and tidy as it’s a habit many of us develop as children and teenagers through household chores. Unfortunately, it seems that these habits don’t always translate over to our workplaces. In reality many people spend more of their waking hours at work than at home, but we don’t realize the importance of a clean and comfortable place to work. This is not only a shame from a hygiene point of view, but can also have a direct impact on a business’ bottom line. Here are 5 reasons why a clean and comfortable office is more productive.

1. Efficiency

Organization is key to a business being able to operate at maximum efficiency. If you and your staff are spending time searching for files or office supplies you’re wasting valuable time which could be spent actually running your business. Keeping on top of cleaning and tidying through small consistent efforts is far more effective than leaving cleaning tasks for weeks at a time. You’ll then have to spend hours cleaning your office when you could have spent just a few minutes each day.

2. Comfort

An untidy office is often a source of lots of distractions which will make it difficult to concentrate on work. Desks with messy documents, overflowing trash cans, stains on desks or windows or piles of boxes around the office can all contribute to an uncomfortable work environment. Maintaining a comfortable working temperature in the office is essential when ensuring your staff can focus on their role rather than trying to warm up or cool down. If your air conditioning is not working effectively or broken, contact a commercial air conditioning maintenance and repair company to get your team back to full productivity. A messy and uncomfortable office can cause irritation which leads to stress over time; this is not beneficial for either your employees or your business.

3. Safety & Hygiene

If the office is untidy, you may be leaving dangerous trip hazards such as wires or boxes which can cause both minor and serious injury. Accidents in the workplace can be disastrous for several reasons. In addition to the pain and suffering of your staff, they may need to take time off work which will cost the business time and money and they may even be able to bring a lawsuit against the company. An unhygienic office is also a health risk. Most common illnesses are caught in the workplace where we spend time in close proximity to others and share both kitchens and restrooms. Studies have shown that staff who work in cleaner environments take fewer sick days, which has a direct impact on your business’ productivity.

4. Improved Team Spirit

By providing a clean and comfortable environment, you are taking care of your employees’ mental and physical health. Your employees will appreciate this effort, will be more likely to enjoy being at work and will be more invested in the success of the business. If you can’t afford a professional cleaning service, then consider introducing a team cleaning schedule to encourage staff to share the responsibility. This will not only save you money but can promote a much more positive working culture.

5. Positive Business Image


The way your business offices appear to customers, clients, investors or consultants is incredibly important and you may be surprised how much you are judged for the appearance of your premises. If you don’t take the time to look after your office, it could suggest that you don’t pay attention to detail in other areas of the business.